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Lana Turner No 12 Digital Lana Turner No. 12 Digital FREE

A Journal of Poetry and Opinion

Lana Turner No 10 Digital Lana Turner No. 10 Digital

Digital PDF version
408 Pages

Lana Turner No. 10:

Poems responding to the year 2017 by Juliana Spahr, Ilya Kaminsky, Adrian C. Louis, David Buuck, Sandra Simonds, Laura Mullen, Seshu Foster, Brenda Hillman, and still more.

Essays on whiteness and black consciousness by Claudia Rankine and Fred Moten. Tina Bryant and Douglas Kearney on the film Get Out.

A special section on the poet Raúl Zurita with poems translated by Daniel Borzutzky and Zurita’s major essay “The Dead Poems”; a review by Forrest Gander; and Kent Johnson and Robert Neustadt on CADA.

Short stories by César Vallejo.

Cal Bedient on poetry’s exemplary subversions, and Alain Borer on Rimbaud’s poetic speed.

Essays by Roberto Tejada.

Poems wild in the semantic field by Jorie Graham, Polina Barskova, Joyelle McSweeney, Kevin Holden, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Diana Khoi Nugyen, Karen Garthe, Catherine Wagner, Shane Book, Douglas Puccinnini, Molly Bendall, and others.

Karen Garthe and Cal Bedient on Luca Guadagnino’s film I Am Love.

An art section featuring Enrique Martinez Celaya and Brian Shields.

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Lana Turner No 9 Digital Lana Turner No. 9 Digital

Digital PDF version
305 Pages

Lana Turner No 9:

Featuring Michael Palmer’s “Letter to St. Petersberg,” Giorgio Agamben’s “The Fire and the Tale,” Alain Badiou on the artist Pierre Soulages, Kevin Simmonds on Leontyne Price’s last performance, Cole Swenson on Andre des Gachons’s Watercolors of weather, Alain Badiou on Black as an Invention of White People, David Lau on the Political Turn in Poetry, Laura Martin on Roland Barthes as a Young Marxist, and Carlos Lara’s translation of Louis Aragon’s classic essay on the beginning of Surrealism.

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Lana Turner No 8 Digital Lana Turner No. 8 Digital

Digital PDF version
297 Pages

Lana Turner #8:

Poetry by César Vallejo, David Buuck, , Jorie Graham, Douglas Piccinnini, Rae Armantrout, Angelo Mao, Anne Boyer, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Anthony Madrid, Sara Deniz Akant, Shane Book, and Michael Farrell, among others.

César Vallejo on Art and the Social Sphere, and on Charlie Chaplin, Asad Haider on Baraka and Black Lives Matter, Gopal Balakrishnan on the Meaning of Marxism, Karen Garthe’s Notes on New York, Brian Shields and Emily Wilson and Calvin Bedient on J. M. W. Turner, and Eleni Sikelianos, Cole Swensen, and Calvin Bedient on the Experimental Lyric.

Fiction by Jean Frémon.

Featured Artists: J. M. W. Turner, Peter Sacks, Hank Saxe.

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Lana Turner No 7 Digital Lana Turner No. 7 Digital

Digital PDF version
409 Pages

Lana Turner #7

Featuring a long debate between Alain Badiou and Alain Finkielkraut, and Alain Badiou on Theater and Philosophy, Karen Garthe on Sorrentino’s movie The Great Beauty, Emily Wilson on Van Gogh, David Lau on Framing Social Crisis in Films, Edoardo Sanguineti essays on Futurism, on Surrealism, and on the literature of cruelty, Alain Badiou on the Age of the Poets, and Andrew Joron on Ronald Johnson’s ARK, among other essays.

Featuring a special section on the Avant-garde in the U.S.A., with essays by Joshua Clover, Kent Johnson, McKenzie Wark, Cathy Park Hong, Joyelle McSweeney, Tyrone Williams, Jed Rasula, Brenda Hillman, and Nick Twemlow, among others.

Poems by Juliana Spahr, Aleksandr Skidan, Amelia Rosselli, Joshua Clover, Jasper Bernes, C. D. Wright, Baudelaire, Jorie Graham, Nick Twemlow, ‘Annah Sobelman, Bin Ramke, Mallarmé, Robert Fernandez, Amanda Berenguer, Sawnie Morris, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, and Aaron Kunin, among many others.

Featured artists: Brian Shields and Despina Stokou.

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Lana Turner No 6 Digital Lana Turner No. 6 Digital

Digital PDF version
369 Pages

Lana Turner #6:

Featuring poetry by Molly Bendall, Jessica O. Marsh, Lyn Hejinian Richard Meier, Catherine Wagner, Lauren Levin, Samuel Amadon, Marjorie Welish, Joshua Clover, James Galvin, Emily Wilson, Mallarmé, Tomaz Salamun, Sandra Simonds, Barbara Claire Freeman, Alli Warren, and Dora Malech, among others.

Featuring also Forrest Gander’s series of poems on the dancers Eiko & Koma and extracts from Alexander Vvedensky’s The Grey Notebook; and among other essays, Edoardo Sanguineti on the Avant-Garde, Claudia Rankine on Serena Williams, Calvin Bedient on Brenda Hillman, and David Lau on Committed Poetry.

Featured artist: Maria Lessnig.

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Lana Turner No 5 Digital Lana Turner No. 5 Digital

Digital PDF version
295 Pages

Lana Turner #5:

Featuring Emile Benveniste’s Notes on Baudelaire, Lindsay Turner on Béla Tarr’s movie Turin Horse, Alain Badiou on Godard’s film Passion, Joshua Clover on Epic and the World-system, David Lau on Cathy Hong and Will Alexander, Jason E. Smith on Badiou and Riots, Nathan Brown on Badiou and Communist Theory, among other prose essays.

Plus Urs Allemann’s short story “Aeroaquatia,” and poetry by Rae Armantrout, C. D. Wright, Jorie Graham, Erín Moure, Ben Lerner, Jane Miller, Richard Greenfield, Claudia Rankine, Brenda Hillman, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Jacqueline Frost, Joshua Clover, Cole Swensen, and many others. Many brief reviews.

Featured artist: Barrie Cooke

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Lana Turner No 4 Digital Lana Turner No. 4 Digital

Digital PDF version
289 Pages

Lana Turner No 4:

Including essays by Tariq Ali on “the Abbotabad Incident,” Bernard Stiegler’s “The Proletarianization of the Subject,” Marilyn Chin’s “Brown Girl Manifesto,” Brian Ang’s “Manifesto: Poetry and Militancy,” Ben Lerner’s “Letter from New York,” and Robert von

Hallberg on Susan Howe.

Poems by Jed Rasula, Vanessa Place, Tom Raworth, Jeanine Webb, Joshua Clover, Brenda Hillman, Elizabeth Robinson, William Fuller, Jeffrey Yang, Pablo de Rokha, Rae Armantrout, Paul Hoover, Sandra Simonds, Angela Carr, Shane Book, Douglas Piccinnini, Karen Garthe, Anthony Madrid, and many others.

Feature artist: Howard Hodgkin.

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Lana Turner No 3 Digital Lana Turner No. 3 Digital

Digital PDF version
289 Pages

Lana Turner No 3:

Includes David Lau on Poetry as Critique, Vanessa Place on Radically Evil Poetry, Cal Bedient on Modern Art and Equality, Ben Lerner on the artist Simon Hantai, Marjorie Perloff on Merce Cunningham, and Gopal Balakrishnan on Badiou's The Century.

Hugo Hopping is the featured artist.

Poems by Forrest Gander, Jorie Graham, Michael Palmer, Nathaniel Mackey, Carolyn Forche, Jane Miller, and many others.

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Lana Turner No 2 Digital Lana Turner No. 2 Digital

Digital PDF version
343 Pages

Lana Turner No 2:

Featuring poetry by John Ashbery, Cyrus Console, Ángel Escobar, Shane Book, Ben Lerner, Joshua Clover, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, ‘Annah Sobelman, Rusty Morrison, Rae Armantrout, Cole Swensen, and Andrew Joron, among others.

The essays include C. D. Wright on Poetry and Wall-mart, Catherine Wagner on New Sonnet Collections, Calvin Bedient on Metasexual Poetry, Matt Lau on Godard, Robert von Hallberg on Film Noir, Steve Willard on Fergie, and Aaron Benanav on Gopal Balakrishnan’s Agonistics. Plus Gopal Balakrishnan and Joshua Clover in conversation.

Featured artist: Peter Sacks.

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Lana Turner No 11 Print Lana Turner No. 11 Print

Print version
344 Pages

*Ships to United States Only*

Lana Turner No. 11:

Featuring essay-reviews by Joyelle McSweeney on Sandra Simonds and Dorothea Lasky, Andrew Joron on Oulipo and Surrealism, David Lau on Daniel Borzutzky, Ange Mlinko on James Merrill, and more.

Poems by Rae Armantrout, Daniel Borzutzky, Jorie Graham, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Rodrigo Toscano, Rusty Morrison, Rowan Ricado Phillips, Reina Maria Rodriguez, Brian Kim Stefans, Sawnie Morris, and others.

An essays by Alain Badiou on Lacan and Politics, and a forum on the question: “Is Poetry Still in the Game.”

Tina Bryant and Douglas Kearney on Black Panther.

An art section featuring Ashwini Bhat’s ceramic sculpture and Judith Belzer’s oil paintings.

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Lana Turner No 12 Print Lana Turner No. 12 Print

Print version
432 Pages

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Lana Turner No 12:

Featuring poems on political asperity by Douglas Kearney, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Evie Shockley, Andrew Zawacki, Sandra Simonds, Daniel Borzutzky, Shane Book, Drew Milne, Brenda Hillman, and others.

Poems on peculiar ontologies by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Rae Armantrout, Timothy.

Poem on the outskirts of language: John Wilkinson, Paolo Javier, Jaime Greene,
Marjorie Welish,Molly Bndall, among others.

Assorted poems by Lucie Brock-Broido, Joan Retallack, Robert Hass, Liz Countryman, Arthur Sze, Sawnie Morris, and others.

Essays on poetry by Oren Izenburg, David Lau, Adrienne Raphel, Cal Bedient, Lindsay
Turner, and more.

Essays on the prose poem by Bonnie Costello, Cole Swensen, and Donna Stonecipher.

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Lana Turner No 10 Print Lana Turner No. 10 & No 11 Print

Print version of both No. 10 and 2018's No. 11.

No. 10:
408 Pages

No. 11
344 Pages

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Lana Turner No 11 & No 12 Print Lana Turner No. 12 and No. 11 Print

Print versions of both No. 11 and No. 12

No 11
344 Pages

No 12
432 Pages

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