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Lana Turner 15:

Part One: The Poetry of Experience
James Galvin 6
Jane Miller 15
Brenda Hillman 21
Sawnie Morris 22
Susan McCabe 30
Sandra Simonds 34
Mars Tekosky 38
Henri Cole 45
Tawanda Mulalu 47
Martha Ronk 53
Matvei Yankelevich 54
Meghan Maguire Dahn 56
Sherah Bloor 59
Tom Prime 62
Meg Shevenock 66
Karla Kelsey 68

Part Two: Photography
Polly Borland’s “Nudie” (photographs) 71
Conversation with Polly Borland 80

Part Three: Essays
Joyelle McSweeney on Alejandra Pizarnik 87
Double Feature: two poems by John Wilkinson 99
and Cal Bedient’s essay, “John Wikinson’s Swing”
David Lau, Theses on a Red Decade 135
Alain Badiou, Poetry, Propaganda, & the Real 138
Craig Dworkin on Robert R. Thurman’s DIAGRAMS 143
Susan McCabe on H.D. and Bryher (Interview) 153

Part Four: Papers on Topical Poetry
Rae Armantrout, What do you Write About 161
Monica Youn, Race and Relevance 168
Lyn Hejinian, The Topical Milieu 173
Paolo Javier, T(r)op(e)ical 179

Part Five: Miscellaneous Poems
Timothy McGinnis 184
Robert Carr 189
Emily Wilson 192
Lindsey Webb 195

Part Six: Poems: “Confounded”
Mark Levine 199
Jason de Stefano 208
Peter Mishler 211
Alan Elyshevitz 217
Anthony Madrid 218
Kate Colby 220
Marcelo Morales (tr. Kristin Dykstra) 222
Kristin Dykstra 227
Rae Armantrout 231
Stella Wong 235
Liam Ferney 238
Janeline Hayes 241
Logan Fry 244

Part Seven: Reviews
Susan McCabe on James Merrill’s Letters 246
Carol Moldaw on Atsuro Riley’s Heard-Hoard 252
Jeanne Heuving on Rae Armantrout’s Finalists 256

Notes on Contributors 260

Art Credits:
Polly Borland’s photographs by courtesy of the Nino Mier Gallery and the artist. The inside and outside covers of the issue are from KNOT, a collaboration between poet Forrest Gander and photographer Jack Shear (MW Editions Press & Copper Canyon, 2022). The Diagrams come by
courtesy of Robert R. Thurman, and “Argon” by courtesy of Valyntina
Grenier. Simon Hantaï’s Etude on page 204 is a reminder of our Hantaï issue.

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