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No 14 Contents

Part One: Malignancies

Alain Badiou on Rene Char 6

Tongo Eisen-Martin, poem 11

Farid Matuk, two poems 14

Kevin Holden, poem 25

Rodrigo Toscano, four poems 33

Dom Hale, three poems 47

Terese Svoboda, five poems 54

Er(ic) Linsker, two poems 60

Aditya Bahl, poem 65

Jan Verberkmoes, poem 71

Alain Badiou on Samuel Beckett 74


Part Two: Writing Askew

Ben Lerner, poem 84

John Wilkinson, poem 89

HL Hazuka, four poems 98

Janani Ambikapathy, two poems 107

Lee Sumyeong, three poems 111

Tom Crompton, two poems 114

Jamie Green, three poems 118

Jessica O. Marsh, poem 122

Doren Robbins, two prose poems 132

Paolo Javier, poem 137

Tomaž Šalamun, two poems 141

Kim Haengsook, four poems 143

Yongu Chen, three poems 148

Lim Solah, five poems 154

Jessica Laser, poem 160

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, poem 162

PJ Lombardo, two poems 163

Josh English, two poems 165


Part Three: Art

Afton Love, graphite paintings and an Interview 168


Part Four: Essays

Joyelle McSweeney on Keats (184)

Alain Badiou on the Intelligence of Form (192)

Karen Garthe on Covid in New York (194)


Part Five:

Cristina Rivera Garza’s Poetry 198

with a review of Grieving by David Lau (199),

an essay by translators Cheyla Samuelson and

Ilana Luna (201), and poems (206)


Part Six: Aesthetic Practices/Political Action

David Lau on Mark Nowak’s Social Poetics 221


Part Seven: Reviews

Brenda Hillman on Rukeyser (237), Peter

Bouscheljong on Katrina Gogou (240),

Janani Ambikapathy on Sergio Chejfec (245),

Andrew Joron on Majorie Welish (248)

Contributors’ Notes 251



Afton Love’s paintings are by courtesy of Afton Love. Alain Badiou’s pieces are from his book The Immanence of Truth, Being and Event 3, forthcoming Feb 20, 2022; many thanks to the generous translators, Susan Spitzer and Kenneth Reinhard. Special thanks, also, to Brian Shields for the cover art (36 x 27 inches) and the tree image on the masthead page (198 x 69 inches), both mixed media.


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