Date: March 28, 2019

Time: 8-10 p.m.

Address: Imperial at Hotel Lucia (at the back of the hotel lobby), 400 SW Broadway, downtown Portland, west side.

Our readers: Sara Deniz Akant, Rae Armantrout, Shane Book, Forrest Gander, Andrew Jordan, Douglas Kearney, Rodney Koeneke, Joyelle McSweeney, Rusty Morrison, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Felicia Zamora, Andrew Zawacki.

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1. Poems Introduction: Writing the Between (6)
Aditi Machado, 11
Andrew Zawacki, 17
Jamie Green, 21
Douglas Kearney, 26
Susan McCabe, 31
Mars Tekosky, 34
Kevin Holden, 40
Mark Anthony Cayanan, 47
Mark Francis Johnson, 53
Jacek Gutorow (Piotr Florczyk, translator), 60
Mary Cisper, 68
Paul Eluard (Carlos Lara, translator), 72
Karleigh Frisbie, 77
Michael Farrell, 82
C L Young, 85
Felicia Zamora, 90
Peter Eirich, 94
Jonathan Stout, 96
Engram Wilkinson, 98
Joseph Noble, 100 

2. Essay-Reviews
Joyelle McSweeney, “Sandra, Dorothea, and Me” (Sandra Simond’s Orlando, Dorothea Lasky’s Milk),104
Andrew Joron, “The Ruin of Rules: On a Potential
Mash-Up of Oulipo 
and Surrealism” (Michael Leong,
Words on Edge), 113
Calvin Bedient, “Description as Endless Payment” (Richard Greenfield, Subterranean), 120
David Lau, “Picking up the Radical Signal” (Daniel Borzutzky’s Lake Michigan, Tongo Eisen-Martin’s Heaven Is All Goodbye), 126
Ange Mlinko, “James Merril’s The Book of Ephraim” (Stephen Yenser’s new edition), 139
Cole Swensen, “Brenda Hillman and the Ampersand” (Brenda Hillman’s Extra Hidden Life, among the Days), 146
Calvin Bedient, “Writing as Predation” (Mary Hickman’s Rayfish), 153
Calvin Bedient, “The Art of Flitting” (Mark Francis Johnson’s How to Flit), 157

3. Art
Ashwini Bhat: Ceramic Sculptures, 161
Emily Wilson, “Ashwini Bhat’s Art in Clay,”168
Judith Belzer: Recent Oil Paintings, 173
Calvin Bedient, “Judith Belzer,” 181

4. Poems
Reina María Rodríguez (Kristin Dykstra, translator), 187
Elena Byrne, 193 
Rae Armantrout , 195 
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, 200 
Devon Walker-Figueroa, 210 
Sherko Faiq, Yousif al-Saigh, Saadi Yusuf (Azfar Hussain, translator), 221
Daniel Borzutzky, 224 
Mark Levine, 232 
Sawnie Morris, 235 
Kyle Booten, 240 
Rodrigo Toscano, 246
Brian Kim Stefans, 253
Rusty Morrison, 257 
Daniel Moolten, 260
Lily Brown, 261
Peter Eirich, 263
Thibault Raoult, 265
Rajnesh Chakrapani, 267
Jorie Graham, 269
Rowan Ricardo Phillips, 275
Brenda Hillman, 277

5. Politics, Discourse, Poetry
Alain Badiou, “Lacan and Politics as a Hole,” 279
Kevin Holden, “Utopian Language,” 284
Farid Matuk, Shane McCrae, Sandra Simonds: Responses to the question, “Is Poetry Still in the Game?” 298

6. Film
Tisa Bryant and Douglas Kearney, “The Syncretic Hinge: A Conversation about the Film Black Panther,” 305

7. Reviews
Amaranth Borsuk (Diana Khoi Nguyen, Ghost of), 325
Andrew Joron (Rodney Koeneke, Body & Glass), 329
Cole Swensen (Evie Shockley, Semiautomatic), 332
Lindsay Turner (Anne Kawaka, Screwball), 335
Adrienne Raphel (Emily Sieu Liebowitz, National Park), 338
Matt Longabucco (David Buuck, Noise in the Face of), 340
Calvin Bedient (Graham Foust, Nightingalessness, Carmen Giménez Smith, Cruel Futures, and Doreen Gildroy,
Trilogy) 342

Submission period: January through March. Email the submission to Poems should be placed in one document and the poet's last name should be prominent in the title, to facilitate finding the document. Avoid PDFs, unless only a PDF will keep the layout in order.


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