Lana Turner

A Journal of Poetry & Opinion

Editors: Cal Bedient and David Lau.

Reading period:  March through May, 2024. 

We the co-editors look forward to reading your work. 

We do all the reading ourselves. 

Submit up to five pages of poetry to [email protected]

Please send Word docs only. The addition of PDFs clutters up our screens. But if you are strongly persuaded that lines will be skewed in a Word file, a PDF is allowable. Humor us and avoid the stiff and soulless Times fonts. 

Submit poems only once in a reading period. The poems should be previously unpublished. 

We will also look at reasonably short essays on film, music, politics, philosophy, and more (the "Opinion" part of the subtitle), though we usually commission them. 

Be sure that the titles of poems are clearly distinct from the texts; bold works well. 

Please keep in mind that a Lana Turner page has a 5-inch-wide trim size. We can't accommodate unusually long lines without run-overs. 

IMPORTANT: The file title should consist of nothing but your name, last name first. (Place LT after your name only if you need it for your records). This essential requirement helps to avoid lengthy searches after hard to identify files. 

We cannot be responsible for lost or never received (!) submissions. If you don't get a "Received" from us when you send work, ask for one without delay

If you haven't heard back after six weeks from your mailing, feel free to inquire.