Vamp (“avant pied”)



Why should a man,

in this age of anesthesiology,

seek relief

in the bark of the toothache tree?



between America’s epigraph and epitaph;



Melvin B. Tolson



 Of wants that lay in ought’s


 choking on the index



ancient pain.

Why subsonic sounds you hear of learned pain and obligation 


do indict

 an untenable posit, position: backspace



pronounced the betwixt and between.



In laughter you acquit

the betwixt divided 


by half and half helped into the indecent 

parentheses brooding on 


reasoning, resonance—too much reverb

lay in the epilogue


granted, a summoning beyond 



simulcast go forth and between. 

And half-cough decibels untenable


prologue, profane morph

you do brood.



Hands tied

to book, some designations anonymous, and yet….


Parentheses subsonic

self-correcting tape….  


And the index that contravenes title and thesis

 congress of papery


furor I read first to oblige the most inscribed 



in authorities who are profusely



by half reading

scripturally wealthy ancient pain


through aggravated indexes whose authority writes

the author’s book 



ascending gainsay


is op cit.

ocean front.



Here and now sacrament

a culture of


the sun

very much in the contemporary style:


are you? “Make conspicuous, evident” of heresy

to be reasonable


with antihistamine extruded from a leaf 

the modern chemist


in commencement, inclined to a very limited, in number relatively little

 since rebellion is clearly illegitimate to the existing 


amphitheater from dawn’s shouting white

Rubric, speak to me!


Not too transgressed

is this mylar


leaf-turning eventful type so that

(in reverse) no longer intelligible



but legible as such


throughout the transistor dust in supposing that

as spouse to the amp seemingly discursive is she likewise  





 Tireless frequenting 

a culture of 


expenditure hitherto hands tied

to archive, marginalia expiring in the conjecture hastened the  


before and after

from dark to dust and dawn to drawn out indebtedness:


to where?

The poet likes to start from untenable moonlight, the photocopier in moonlight.


Although you answer the question I asked but not the one I meant

let me take another facsimile


 of the sun’s

formidable page 


and dragged impenetrable  


authorship of which may be indexes: mostly prior 

 names, most cited are not spectacular


corridors, and the sloping ground 



mylar that takes a bend and fold but does not 

find a solution, finds an antidote:


to the lexical comes the graphical 

intellect the other said, wrote and retaliated.






of graphical and lexical registers as is the transparency yclept

interference of verbal moments swerving through the long exposure 


to diaspora and the sloping ground  

amongst nations


you do indict.

 Onto staves drawn out legible an odyssey freely ad hoc


not aleatory, the other writhed and wrote

upheaval from which documents and entities were to elapse 


from the backspace

diametrically opposite: full stop ran the labyrinth 


as the match smoke bespeaks.





Griot Riot



[…] did not review the book: he reviewed his prejudices against modern poetry.

Melvin B.Tolson


…of anonymous years.

Melvin B. Tolson


Laying oil over or oil / egg emulsion over dry pigment, a companion to vision


proprius, or what is one’s own, interpellation


to win the book of songs, during, and pin all probability on it


We also address the question: why do cultural movements need performative stances in manifestos?


Supplement or substrate sub stance subject to will whatsoever


near the surface is a slat brought by the Carpathian Basin’s non-chronological pronouncements


with the advent of agriculture and its attendant technologies by which the human extends his hand, et cetera,


I am thinking of a word that rhymes with “nurture”


the arms have worn away; worn away are the armaments against “an addendum of notes.”



You left your umbrella here. Worn away are the armaments:


some speak through aphorism, others harangue; still others enlist reasoning arguments


wanting the hearer to do something. The tracking number is


a name. Salt, silver, close to the surface


that brought about excavating a decidedly chronological thesis


in glass jars. The loss to your person, what is one’s own


coin of the missing dynastic imperative. Please pass the salt, silver


to change the current state of affairs by summoning the ochre.


A bias to sediment and letting it settle: a companion to jars.



In fly swatter negativity of the missing dynastic imperatives it behooved her


to change the current by summoning the brow


prow for a world that ought to be but that does not yet know its crazy notes.


The directive for vectors: Which? That? He asked. The bias started


This bias started in 1800, when William Wordsworth wrote

“Preface to Lyrical Ballads.”


Gift Idea: frame. The lunatic, then the very discursive model of the lunatic.


Painted surfaces exhortive or prophetic—where did I read this? Technique,


a companion to vision, wishing to know the transmitters Attic wit and nerve, is that.


Transdanubian communities procured their salt along the routes mentioned above.




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