The person on my right sneaks a pic of Sandman leaning 


Her migraine. I think I don’t 

Think enough about Chris coughing through his sleep 

          Eye. Oolong

Is a bathing type. You’re reading the friends I made 

High on oil pressed from leaves Amanda stole during Zoo 

Break. The person on my left is in his screen researching

          Screens. Wil learns

What terror is. What kind of collar is that? Medium spread 


I’m starting my shift in my mouth Margaret chimes is how

          I remember Dan

Reading Benediction. The person on my right is 


Screen ere her battery dies. No way that’s your mom. United

          Colors of 

Automaton. Robyn’s pissed sitting opposite Nick thumbing 

His phone, the tosser. What kind of fabric is that? 


Cotton. Meaning is a vulture victims held


On café tables. Sometimes I clean the kitchen to avoid my

Children. If you are clumsy with words you are lime green


Exterior stars. Wil’s sitter is sitting to my right just this side 

Of an eating disorder. Fear dies when you’re not happy

          But life. Brandon belongs 

To nothing. What kind of buttons are those? Modern 


I see equal misery between those trying to justify themselves 

And those that set out to do them harm. Unable to drive 

To the funeral the person to my right is to be 


By Shane. Robert’s astray, becoming pictures of Emily 

          Watering starts. 

Watching Kisha squeeze the rain from her hair Wil learns 

          What beauty is 

When Lindy’s awake we’re all awake. The person to my left 

Is designing a shirt. What kind of cuff is that? 

                                                                                French Square


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