To visit is an eye

bolted downward.

Smile caesura cheek to ear.

What should we beware?

All the dreams about the dog and father.

I sent you Astrostyle’s forecast today

it’s a bad one.

Saggitarius A seen on fall of August.

Around 9pm, there’ll be a killing.

I’ll make myself pretty over the sink.

Here is more space

than we thought before.




We only had one place

or the same-type-of-place to hold in.

We walked on each others’ backs.

It would have been nice

It would have been nice if you’d just said

those expletives written on A3 and posted.

I spilled flour on the floor, and left.

For all mankind my ass fleeing

downstairs, across the yard.

Shouting— The bike in your front room

is in a no-parking zone.




And evening fell as of red.

Quince scent behind the ears, meant for oil burner.

We’re a half-life of radiance—

fake isotope—blaze—heat—

then dust—

I should go.

Your shoes have arrived.

Is this one of those boundaries?

What threshold did you march me through?

There was never any time, any time 

to be anything but inscrutable.




Room in filament here, bits of it there

some searchlight, others deathly.

And the legs tied in one place

moved under a sheet

truly cross.




Someone’s groceries were bought

and they wrote a letter of anonymous thanks.

Mystery man mystery man mystery man

is being sung by everyone. At a party.

Head elsewhere, dressed

as mythography—fascinare—to bewitch—

never have I wanted to be at peace more.




A man told all the history

in theory, of the state.

Said, “my body will be given to the state.

It will be laid out for abuse, Take my

goddamn heart. I had to list how many people

I’ve slept with

What is this, a watermark

held up to the sky?

I’ll sweep the leaves, put my coat on the back

of a chair and ask nicely, bend over.

A lucid sentence is a demonstrable fact

but it’s so long ago. We need a Q&A.




Something that “holds the mood.”

What, like the bloodied knuckles 

bought online

for dress-up?

Anomalously bright sky since

there was talk of war? Everyone

on the couch howling

for Vanessa Paradis?

Or auscultare: the reading of prayer to inspire prayer.

Wrongly again said wrongly, so wrong 

benecomato deo:  “my god.”




You tell me of an ageing couple, their furniture more so.

Like you, did they cover a table 

with newsprint at midnight? 

Were they sad you grew up?

This is a bit of a reckless path.

Set a drink in front of it.

A half-composed mask, you.

Take an hour for 3 ml.

Me, I want to slit to the elbow, be in a shade-

faint room, the one now.

Be older as I am now.

An old hand, a new impresario.




Turn of wind before 

a shear line settles, bringing rain.

Give her time, I read in a notebook, spying. 

I touch in a coffee shop bathroom.

Hold myself in leaves, they are chrome

they are gold 

my body a sharp angle to earth.

Look to a camera

that’s mine from years ago

With my opened—imagined – eye

I waited for this scene.





now I’m under Bell Atlantic Tower
KID AGUA —- graffiti

layered two blocks away.

I think of you walking there in grey, it does not suit you.

Fixed in form

my nightdream adversary.




Question, are these images are worth it

or something extra superimposed?

Like looking at Unica Zürn 

and thinking, Ah


There’s just as much

misread in those Panadol sachets 

falling to my feet.

In February. No. Turn that around.

It’s my atomized hand on the tiles. 




Fall of August, beware my house

The looping of the whole

the one event

and it goes to—

viewpoint flick to—

I want to disappear completely

What do you mean, 

I want to disappear completely?

You can. Under that “I” section

of door, rolled “I” beam in hallway.

The house, its dark bedrail.

Turn, wind-grazed, what stirs?




Feel like you’re dissolving?

Do you have a place by the airport now?

Do you sit in great quiet bargaining

Sad, cleansed?

Have you forgotten watching Girl on the Bridge?

When we could not get my head to rest

on your shoulder properly.

I hope you have.

It takes no longer than a universe for new sediment to form. 

Primordial grains never live out.




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