News fom Lichen Times


‘slowly goes each cloudy white stone that recurs’


many rivers to cross 

many lichens to sing

many refugees to see 

and shelter in night

when the nightfisher

swims against a tide

that is dark capital

is the song the same 

when in western wind

the drones are funds

saying something not

in a month of ballad busting 

lunar toting dusty columns o

here at the poetics of 

limit comrades this is

some defeaning blur in

saying the why grammar

does no stone nor even

the rosey of a present

making up the clearing

storm the material then immateriality

falls into lineage with the relations

striking socialism’s symbiotic drifts

now play standards dreaming and vinyl

over this raised playground

all is lichen star symbiotic 

tars and proletkult morphemes 

hollering ahoy there oxygen

scalded be but screeds coming 

on strong when the bombs fall 

there will low down criminals

screaming daft drones & spent 

bites for what can be but ire 

gone senseless in people talk

which came first 

Marx and Spenser

or truth to song

the blister logs

talking of barks

come plantations

the whole croppy

punk punctuating

a lichen gooding

when the weave 

words to fosse

how the lichen 

born with cups

gives etruscan 

melody bearing

we in symbiotic alliance of lichen

hold the evident truth to the self

namely that all lives are not made

the same and the carbon liberation

front will be the death of all but

the persistent solidarity of algae

now and in the calendar of lichens 

every eve is new

every time is wild

every birthday is a return to first principles

before the eating of carbon cakes or

musical statues and acid rain takes the

biscuit to show us the way to darkest

reserves as lark relics made into airs

honey sound does 

sun money bounds

over car dusters

and sunk capital




Full Time Cassandras



part subversive, part 

hegemonic dud uh-huhs 


aspirating folk combs

harp blood provenance


then post-orientalist

to much fracked water 


espresso to dude waxy 

white man for mammals 


go slow the humanisms 

self-puffer musculars 


be home for the weeds 

the zeal of the darks 


hip for indo-european 

inducing body swerves 


to embrace in the pit 

adults go speculating 


see you in the arcade

the lichens are on me


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