Cash for Gold



blister smut of maize

boil smut of maize

common smut of maize


nth ways one can perceive

the delicacy of a “problem”




day after day mine silage 

stuffs the animal vassal 




a kind of yield 

to “live” “here”

and “die” “here”—


as if I am “just living 

through mediated 





et tu! are you “anywhere”

misused thing



in the sentimental larder


fishing only 

in accredited fetishes?




Common Trees of Los Angeles



the notsupposedtodie  

freedom pains  

of Waffle House welfare  


the cardboard crown of possessed eternity 


in a “consciousness”—in a forgery 

but sound squat on a sound that’s “mine”


and in “disclaimer,” yours—


f_cked en scène  

vogue tears

on the runway— 


vulgar day:

meme the night







Chalked in power

but in lamesong

as such to eat out

the eon for so long

and so set—chugging

fog off the deodar cedar.




The problem 

leaning into a mirror

interfers with itself.




shame on you, entering

the vernal video

of vulgaris scars

and smears of you

all afterlife”











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