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    “Be Angry,” a new essay by Claudia Rankine on Serena Williams

    Joshua Clover’s new poem “The Fire Sermon”

    Ben Lerner’s long poem “The Dark Through Patches Down Upon Me Also”

    Patrick Madden on the Venezuela and Chávismo after the death of Hugo Chávez

    David Lau on poetry and commitment

    two new poems by Rosebud Ben-Oni

    a passage from “The Lens,” a new poem by Lauren Levin

    selections from Lyn Heijinian’s new poem called “The Unfollowing”

    a passage from Jessica O. Marsh’s prose poem “Sunspots”

    Karen Garthe’s correspondence from New York

    Edoardo Sanguineti on the avant-garde (translated by Joel Calahan)


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    a selection from Mallarmé’s Le Livre, translated by Robert Fernandez and Blake Bronson-Bartlett

    new poetry by Juan Manuel Sanchez, Michael Palmer, Cathy Park Hong, Marjorie Welish, Molly Bendall, Richard Meier, Chris Nealon, Rae Armantrout, Mark Levine, Nathaniel Mackey, Angela Carr, and others

    reviews of new poetry collections, including Andrew Joron on Daniel Tiffany, Calvin Bedient on Robert Fernandez, Molly Bendall on Lee Ann Brown, Amaranth Borsuk on Terri Witek, and Cole Swensen on Paul Legault

    selections from Alexander Vvedensky’s The Grey Notebook, translated by Alex Cigale

    visual poetry and by Derek Beaulieu, Eric Zboya, and Karen Green

    a selection of paintings by Andrea Rausch in luminous color plates, with an essay by Cal Bedient

    Mario Diaz-Perez on the the world economy

    Flash Critiques by Karen Garthe and Lindsay Turner


There is much more, so please read through our contents page.


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