Lana Turner #9 is now available.
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Inside you will find a wide range of work, including poetry, essays, reviews, art, and other fictions.
Some of the contents include:
Alain Badiou on painter Pierre Soulages
Cole Swensen on André des Gachons
Kevin Simmonds on Leontyne Price
Alain Badiou on Race and the Racism of Whites
Joan Retallack’s poem “The Reinvention of Truth of Gender”
Michael Palmer’s “Letter to St. Petersburg”
Giorgio Agamben’s “The Fire and the Tale”
Poetry by Stephanie Young, Jorie Graham, Jane Miller, Douglas Kearney, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Sandra Simonds, Drew Milne, Juan Manuel Sanchez, Stephane Bouquet, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Rae Armantrout, Sara Deniz Akant, and many others.  
New paintings by Brian Shields along with other fine art reproductions.
Two from the avant-garde archive: Hagiwara Kyojiro’s Dada sequence, translated by Sho Sugita; Louis Aragon’s “A Wave of Dreams” translated by Carlos Richard Lara.
Reviews of new books including Lindsay Turner on Tonya M. Foster, Tyrone Williams on Daniel Borzutsky, Molly Bendall on Sara Deniz Akant, Andrew Joron on Monica Youn, Katy Lederer on C.D. Wright, and many others.
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