[Originally published in the November 2016 Faculty Voice, the newsletter of Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers]

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This is in contrast to Egypt, where, in the final days of the Mubarak regime, workers were beginning to form unions separate from the state run union, often seizing the workplace and kicking out the boss.” More and more workers went out on strikeon all-out strikes until the fall of the regime.” Mason describes this process of contagion with a phrase lifted from a psychiatrist he interviewed in Cairo: what he saw was the collapse of invisible walls.”

Lana turner sponsored poetry reading in conjunction with the 2013 New york historical materialism conference




Editor’s note: since this hand grenade of an interview was first detonated "behind enemy lines" at the Poetry Foundation, where it was quickly smothered by the continuous National Poetry Month posts, LT online is reposting it here as part of the general revival of May Day festivities in the U.S.


We adjust our eyes at the limit of translucence, in order to bring something into focus. An account would attempt to recollect the sequence--the question being: 'at which point did this occur?'; the inquiry being the procedure of causalities. Instead we hope this renders a perspectivation -- a constellation of moods and orientations, in other words, a topographical aggregation of intensitiesin Oakland on January 28th and the days that followed. We propose to study the de-synchronization of the city's cycles of desire, weaving together material practices of freedom. To consider the question of volition is to elaborate the subterranean rifts that will found the elements of a new sentimental education.


Four takes on the movement

Progressing into night, downtown Oakland took on a weak apocalyptic appearance.

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