Online Poetry Feature #1



             —after Friedrich Hölderlin’s “Die Titanen”



            ::                      [


but not is it though


if breath that prayer of un-demand

   of transit if to stand as   to adumbrate


to jad to   down to    empale


Eric Holder in Gonzales’ chair on John Yoo’s lap /

   Hölderlin in Autenrieth’s mask


but   not is it   though


if en-fluid that walk-dark lake

   of echo if to speak as   to paraphrast


to inviolate to   ijaz as   to abjure   to Guantanamo




[  sound : Movement colliding  ]












but not is it   though


if seven cylinders of hunger

   of ten-penny moment   blare of nail


but not   is it   though


if eleven torn spheres of taste

   Samir Khan at a corner table in The Blue Room

Mwembe Tayari   Mombasa   a pair


of smoke-tinted Chevy Tahoes idle

   double parked at the corner

of Turkana and Selassie   


of Khan reading The Star while a cell phone

   vibrates on the Formica   in the mirror six thick men

in khakis and white polos drag a feather

   merchant into the street


Khan’s Nokia : Missed Call : Nat Webb (S. L.)




[  sound : Arrow blows past the ear  ]











but not   is  it   though


if the slim boy with the gun in hand

   of army strong   to aim as   to nail into

an azure sky


but not is it though


if pulsed in the skull   a bright spike of fear

   of Salt Pit denied as   to Aafia Siddiqui


a shadow cast of a ghost prisoner in Kabul

   on the tarmac at Szymany as   to breath in black


site in doggo in space




            [  sound : Moment collapsing  ]












Pod Alpha [  sound : silence : : figure A : nude : hands and feet tied to a chair
in the dark : windowless room : 30 degrees Fahrenheit :
head duct taped to chair back : beats by dre ear buds taped
into ears : 1000 watt flood bulb at the tip of the nose  ] :       [  switch on  ]


[chorus in ear buds]      :           [  translate this page  ]



to push to pull against pulling to


   pull to push against pushing


to think to real against reeling to



end to fend against rending


to real to reel against thinking to


   rend to end against fending



to gist to jest against blinking to


   fend to rend against ending


to blink to jest against gisting to




:           [  switch off  ]              :











but   not is it though


if the well-worn shoe of the perfect

   of all unmade of turned  in turn in  turned


Nicht ist es aber / Die Zeit

   if hung upside

down if deaf to nail of light   of hypo

   thermic needle of all that


unmade exact   in the shape of thirst




            [  sound : Moment colliding :  Movement collapsing  ]











            [  interrogation transcript : Zeno  ]



butnotisitthoughtime butnotisitthoughtime

   if one is in place but one’s place is not though

in its place   nonotisitthough nonotisitthough

   at rest if one is in one’s moment and such moment

exists but one has no moment in the place

   of one’s place if one’s place is not

though in its place   notisitindeedthough notisitindeedthough

   one’s place if the moment one has in place

is not of the moment of one’s moment


one is then evidence as   to not exist   one is then

   moment of another moment   one part

of one grain part as   to infinite arrow of place

   part motion outside the moment of place in place

outside the moment of motion as   to scream

   as   to thwart all mask   to Mask as   to origins in place

not in its place   in motion of all moment

   in sound that


   inaudible arrow  / arrow inaudible

outside as   to displaced place and unmoveable moment

   of those who as   to put to

crush   and thereby Arrow of not is it though

   Moment   of Time of not is it   Movement   though












Pod Zeta [  sound : Rozz Williams sings “Forever Came Today”

in continuous loop : : figure B : nude : hands and feet tied

to a chair in a windowless room : 44 degrees Celsius : head duct

taped to chair back : beats by dre ear buds taped into

ears : room lit on ceiling and three walls by 100 1000 watt bulbs :

fourth wall and floor one-way mirrors  ] :       [  sound / light : switch off  ]



[switch on : chorus of voices in ear buds]        :           [  translate this page  ]



to jest to blink against gisting to


    resist to persist against insisting to


abjure to ensure against enduring



   to insist to resist against persisting


to affix to admix against suffixing to


   ensure to endure against abjuring



to suffix to affix against admixing to


   persist to insist against resisting to


to endure to abjure against ensuring



   to admix to suffix against affixing to



[switch off : chorus]     :           [sound / light : switch on]











            [aka. Natalie Webb]



the white widow in a sheer black buibui

   smokes a crooked joint   lies

in a hammock of sisal strung across the veranda

   of an abandoned mansion in Nyali


   intelligence collated in Addis 

reports her headed south by tuk-tuk at Namanga


   she stares at a wall of bad stucco and sees

a zigzag route to Kiwayu then Kismayo via Watamu via

   Malindi   from San Diego an agent


flies a cormorant shaped stealth drone


in endless serpentine   arabesque

   over resorts in Diani where

village girls hang hijabs in agave sisalana


   and wander in bikinis up the beach   false-lashed

almonds razor in   on khat cut with Juicy Fruit    hover over

   bleach-eyed Australians and red-faced K.C.s, ex-pats v. tourists


pounding their volleyballs into yesterday




                    [  sound : a shadow dives into the surf beyond the reef  ]












but not is it though / the place

   of no moment   not is it though / the arrow


   of no movement   is it though from Abu

Ghraib and hidden by (Army / CIA) fiat

   from the Red Cross / Medecins Sans Frontieres

it though published and Pulitzer’d by Diane Priest


   and hidden in the open by fear in a public

with no private   phantasma of the phantom public

   with no place in its arrow of place   committed

to futility as   to commit an act of reason   with


   no movement   is it though   in its mask of the moment




            ]                             ::                      [



























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