There is a problem it makes war a sacred thing


 Sebastian Junger, War (Twelve, 2010)

Sebastian Junger saw felt smelt admired told of the brotherhood of war in an American outpost in Northern Afghanistan

He was embedded, embedded in the brotherhood

No one there bedded the others but one big soldier half-tried was he joking was the question

He said a real man has to have sex he was a real man so why wouldn’t he

It was homo to hang back shy detesteroned he said

The brothers walked around in pairs to protect their ass-holes

The other force was the unbedded married brotherhood

What is the problem with brotherhood if it makes you cry if it makes you want to go back and get shot at with your brothers?

There is a problem it makes war a sacred thing

Well maybe it is well but only inside and outside is the killing and inside is the scarring

The beauty of brotherhood so sweet so painful you cannot sing it it is heavenandhell

It is created under the heat of extreme distress, “los 33,” los unlimited

Patriotism is strong brotherhood stronger brotherhood is found in small units

This has been studied the size of a platoon is not an accident a tribe is a weapon

The species prefers small units the species is fucked

Sebastian Junger goodlooking stud is sold on brotherhood

Well how do you know you wouldn’t be, also?

You aren’t heartless are you?  Not cold-blooded, reasonable, are you?

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