(my black armband)



(we should have taken to the streets)

   (we needed a war room) (more than a one-man think-tank) (more

          than a mid-level tyrant) (we needed an alien invasion) (instead

                                                         we raped the land) (it was sexy like

                                                              film school) (the obvious analogy

                                                             is the big bang)             (we helped

                                                                  ourselves)                (to a second

                                                                    coming) (it was familiar) (as in

                                                                               family) (& y'all know she

                                                                                       wanted the rifles) (in

                                                                                         Grandaddy’s divorce

                                                                                       auction) (but of course

                                                                                       they went to the Toms)





                                                                        (I prayed) (don't let them reconcile)

                 (women) (chase him away) (she's a worker too) (it's her revolution

           too) (community) (u warm island) (please don't let her go back

        to him) (even if without him she no puede vivir)

     (& the rain                         is raining)

   (& the ocean                            is crashing)

  (where shells cut his feet) (& he starves

 for her image) (buries

his head in her belly)

(how long she'll play

this part) (is killing us)

(cue those Cuban horns)



(I may be late) (a gun war is on)



                                          (u can touch it) (he says because I have breasts) (a heartbeat)

                (it's not hard) (to turn into a movie) (not hard) (for men to become bad boys)

              (suddenly: everybody has tattoos) (the gun on his shin) (a blah blah blah

             from 1873) (u like guns?) (I like Billy the Kid)

           (the gun on his shin excites me) (could it be

          pressed against my head)

        (when I say           a dead boy)

      (& two gun             tattoos)

     (I mean, the difference)

    (is a dead boy)

   (in the morning

  light) (it is hard

to feel shame)




(una pistola) (bajo el vestido)



                                                                               (glock mama playing with the big boys now)

                                                           (fingering no diminutive gun) (ur curls salute the night)

                                          (smoking glock mama) (red lipstick mama) (if the camera is god)

                                       (it understands) (the complexities of a woman)

                                  (w/ her blouse undone) (holding

                                a machine                       gun)

                             (on an album                 cover)

                          (& a woman below her

                      covers) (a gun below her

                    nightslip) (for her pinché

                    husband, uncle, guardian)


(what for)



       (u're driving) (how kind) (would u like a blow job)

         (twenty minutes from Alabama) (I'm pregnant) (with a black man)

              (my body is an insane cornucopia) (I'm thinking of Stokely’s cool

                                                         kids campaigning) (in the pitch of night)

                                                           (blind                                    in cop light)

                                                              (oh, my                        uncool Southern

                                                                forefathers) (in short) (I'm conflating)

                                                                                     (sky getting pink with sun)

                                                                                      (gagging on cum) (how to

                                                                                         stand up for the Brother)

                                                                                        (who holds my head down)




(white)(soul brother)



  (the baby is awake) (again) (tangled in mosquito netting)

   (he falls on the floor) (on all fours) (he knows I owe him something)   

    (he makes it to my lap) (he slaps my face) (I remind him he can hug me)

                                                                       (Rasta                     is a practice)

                                                                        (or just plain               parataxic?)

                                                                                     (that was a long time ago)

                                                                                      (now when anybody talks)

                                                                                          (about Shelley’s politics)

                                                                                      (I know women) (& many

                                                                                   children) (died for his light)





                                                                                   (embarrassing) (as it is) (can't help dragging

                                     your sexuality to breakfast) (words come out sleazy) (can't get your eggs

                            over-easy) (without a snort from the proprietress) (& see how polite old men’s

                          eyes pop) (as they walk by the open window) (where u

                         write) (I provoke) (I endure) (it's not my fault)

                      (he's out there                             w/ a handgun)

                    (& a busy intra-                    familial torturing

                    plan) (these things happen) (bc

                   they're accepted) (in this milieu)

                  (from middle school) (we lay

                blame on spaghetti straps) (bc

                men like big guns, like big tits)









                                                      (lucky me) (I'm pregnant) (in bed)-------------

                                         (in spikeheels) (outside election night is fat

                                     with handshakes) (& gunshots)

                                (my baby               is about to be)

                              (our next               president)

                             (like all Black kids

                            in DC) (tomorrow

                           at the grocery) (look

                          me in the eye stranger)





     (politics of pregnancy)

        (is a phrase) (u just

     don't hear) (in Indiana)




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