the answer song to space oddity plays in downtown 

            cafes in all the cities of the planet undiscovered still 

            the harmonizing whoas over the drum shuffle the side

streets with tags illegible rest in peace in blood red 

            next to the dilapidated wood frame you see there is 

            peace in the post-postindustrial north except in pieces 

            here where ricans once settled now students scuttle 

            and the tech sector thrives bio-less preserved in the 

            gray bile of spring with no bayous no caballos only 

            some cobblestones amid the cable modems now that 

            the x-vox hides a body in the north but far from this 

            cafe we come here and survive against all odds like 

            the phil collins song that plays now only who would 

            take a look at you now while you take a leak in a cafe 

            that oozes hand sanitizer or against a mirrored wall 

            overhearing interns without glamour discuss digital 

            code and their muffled lovelives like in that phil 

            collins song going on too long now wondering who’ll 

            take a liking to me now that there’s just an empty 

            space now that decaf and decay begin to sound the 

            same when spoken into a smartphone now that the 

            RED BULL is gone and in its place is a DRUBBED


            BUD a DUBBED RULER a URL RUBE a REED a 

            BULB a LULL a BURB a DUEL a RUDE BLURB a 

            BLUE BURBLE a BLUR a BUBBLE in the RUBBLE  





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