I made clean lines ferment
By parking colors next to others.

The frame appears neutral
Need not be visual.

A neutral statement, halfway between
Right and left: “I would not

Reject a two-state solution

“A [cold/warm] manner is a sign of [fear/power].”
“We can find a rational compromise, but

“We’ll get nowhere unless we maintain
Our weapons stockpile.”

“I do wear makeup but don’t like to
Look as if I did.”








Color, says Albers,
Is absolutely contextual.
So why do I like to
Be alone? What color are you
White woman?
Where context changes color to accord
That’s the end of the war.
“Color changes according to context”
Color changes according to
Context and I act different when I am
With you.
For comfort in interpreting
Maximize contrast.
Day and night.
Day is the colored one.
Equally gone down (sun) for
You and for me. Later for you, westerner.


A word expresses intention accident.


Meat’s place on
the scale eight-tone. Hm.

Meat in the twelve-tone
a piece
of pure.

Dong! meat in
the post-tonal.

The gong of meat
after tone became tacky, too much stuck
to it, tone attracted dirt.

In herbivorous carnival to
“carny,” that is, “party,”
or consume meat,
be meat, a me for eating.
Partme time!

You can enjoy tone in the mirror.

You blunk and it was silent. Shut
eye, information whore.

What traffic/tragic
did it take? Earplugs—


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