Text: Introis

Pen—he ate too. Penny
a tune, a men-glory.
To name few, crimpy.
Impy-prim, too.

All is potent day—is
loose and dear to us—is
loosened near all fortune.
Note oo, she all deer is


penny each. You tame noose,
be all sincere, all bendy
New England they could
Gotham. Been a news on end.


Been solving. Been solvent.
Been solving a noose anew.
A deer, one, I’ll tame. All tame.
All take a nudist port, a verdant

any day. A place.
Anyway, a plane anew.
New no: don’t.
A dona, we don’t.

Doe, a doe no ease,
reclaim a day now.
Oh, please take away
the knees, they wrong.

Crisp imp—spear near to us.
Crispin’ spill neat one, all genii tickets.
Eh, tune’s pure vent to
a new shade at men.

Text: Tuba mirum

Tuba me, inspire jetsam.
To bar mere in
spired to pale, say
ghoul calm. Ranging

ghoul. Toward a loom—
bays haunted to loom.
Cold jay, don
a park or two—


Monster pivoted a tuna.
Oo, brass, oo, jet ray.
A two run, accounting
response. Moor, ah. Diverse

scriptus affair. Ray to. In
vault, take a continent too.
Under, mooned us—loon
does to TV chair too. 


Good excel the ghouls.
See daily wheat.
Great lady, drop
a rivet, a null today, my

wheat so miser-complete.
Go rows’ way. Part row
and row got use—oh, it’s useless.
Useless sits in chorus.


One: it’s useless: use us.
Sits a core us.
fix useless.
Fix use, lesson. It’s a core us. 

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