wind rose

the rose in the steel dust —E.P.

bad things happening to people on npr talking about kids getting blind. kid blind
from an asthma attack, say he’s in a wheelchair, wasn’t taught to coordinate because
he was in wheelchair. by the time the speaker saw the kid, he’d been blind and in a
wheelchair for 3 years. don’t understand how people

am very o so pearl and hollow. sky a dusty white rose,
pearl today


roses are obsolete

curves opening all over wd rather wave a flag atop all these grimy buildings, cement.
dirty, or pearl (make it more beautiful if you like). a bird flies through clouds,
threading like a needle. expository or not my mind a little more calm, steady,
because at some height thoughts are squiggles like marks at the back of eyelids,



somewhere lived in a flower to begin the sky’s a dirty pearl lost in an ocean spinning
chill ruffling through what can begin to begin  
a rose is obsolete cFont:Goudy>metal
rose larger than life   pearl rose hollow rose crown angle bird wave waterwing shade
skin ruby rose shell sad scrap seed earth moon mast gulf open hill navel quick rain
puzzle lean mount indent render a rib as a ring


bluster airily
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spray sparkle
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elizabeth taylor a vision of beauty
emblematic of surpassing beauty, fragrance, purity, or rich (esp. red) colour (often in
similative use); freq. also with implication of transience. in the rose of the compass 










roses of the windes

Sea-mans compas, consisting of a Rose, and a needle of steele 32 lines winds each month plotted quantities of wind

rose bed
everything smelling of roses the last rose

reproducing a word not the same as child, yeah? but shakespeare... the metaphor stops here
draw a marsh for moon mother floaty cells move in the night shore waiting to see the boy the general boy my nephew my sister’s child / supposed to not feel bad? that i don’t have a child though my family tumbling in my mind

points making Zephyrus the west wind and Boreas the north wind. wind roses,


                                       ///////// - - - - - +





 the compass an example of the early use of magnetism









How to preserve


the feeling of being at the beach when I haven’t been:
toes curling in the sun like starfish,
bumming around in flip flops thinking I like someone who understands
you might want to keep the cup with ice even when the drink is gone
am lucky, could be at work it’s 5 on a weekday am swimming in a turquoise
pool there’s green too. right, left; again

remember plying sidewalk and metal

                                                                a crowded midtown piazza: black iron
              patio chairs, sand-colored concrete where black scoops sail
                           across light—undertows in my step.

                                                                          sunlight nets, breast-
                                       mounds of green sea. skeleton of the sun,
                                                 a mutant fish, trebles in the water.

                           my fingers weigh less than the lines of sun.

                                                                          could stick my finger into one
the four leaf clovers punched out of the iron tabletop.
                                                                          a moment of public humiliation
               when paramedics would be called to remove me from the table.


how toes in the be curlines of sun. remember plyinger in my fing I light,
less like someone want the be at toes from the sun, a turquoise
pool think is gone the stick scoops sands of when I could step. 

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