“Snake foot that does not walk.”


Gathered my owls. My falcons. My archers. My horses

and their men. My friends and my axes.

My guns, my near north spears. My arrows.

My tents and my battle chants. My dogs.


At Tabon, near Kita city.                   At Gettysburg.          At Tikrit.

At Lake Erie At the Bastille At the Nile

At Vimy At Ypres At Santa Clara

At Moncada At Las Mercedes At Tambov

At Petrograd At La Semaine Sanglante

At the Communards’ Wall in the Père Lachaise Cemetery

In the rue Ramponeau in Belleville.


We were fewer  We were fever


At Fallujah. At Khe Sanh At Vicksburg At Lake Champlain

At My Lai. At the Sunni Triangle


We lay “All our wonders unavenged”

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