O TO Z O (* ~ *) “ ‘‘

fact is, we had speedlore : broke through dense ooga-lain. passed
through landmarks and
globots (just the club pools remain). years of the
cold haunch slashed to half for our grain. half gone with the
titlor, half
froze just the same.

             no mask lomit eagle, skarp over, sig-off. go staachi for
             liver, every lick to the top. to the lopane, exuber! nitozo,
             hulcon. no indolborg, spor-spor. the otozo has come.

trustworthy liquids hold their bilicol tongues. and the enzos that rule
otozo along. the passageway blotips stood through deep horti-son.
what space closed off sequence, breaks in feverish charm.

             no troves of the basko can orbit the loft.
             no bergolen
staachi, rare meat that was sought. nitozo, das plungar! vos
             regel, vultron. indurt to la slobics! the otozo has gone.

what sendars these thumplings what
gunlors what slate had the ice enzos
moaned out of cannibal pate just to
bury otozo? in networks what grate
pounding no thankful
indlor sends
these harrows. it is late. 


a battery for its life, a glow so novel
in its mechanics – what that the waves
wouldn’t smash : its inner compass –

would rack into the crumbling
yard : tear off matter, go terra,
stratta, in water it goes slack

or round to wonder, in any case, on the move
once more it is on the move. with four cases
of stark, its wakefulness stilling, and sandy in its stride

still Slater-sandy, if you don’t mind, now flicker up
to channel five? it is oily in its nature, this orm-filled
bright occasion, the lighted pieces fall

but nothings wasted :

we are moving on from one to ones. 


         these carousels are natural, though they work against
our nature. even sleepsprawl lies the willowed
word to sharpen, to :
a power in its shape.

when one saw the yellow – false ridges of
the Spalicht – when the swing of the beams

         kept them under control. 

the Sawyer gadgets here were lesser :
were they each the lesser monster. were they no but they were friendlies at the
every morning chopping. chopping each and every ground. 

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