translated by Joel Calahan




post tantum necking, post tantum petting (obscurum) putred’oh!

caput: complet’ah! (iterated, love, turgor) placenta: (body parts!)

relaxable! relaxables! you see the pallor; et nascitur! the celestial

labor room; (anim’eh! distillatio); ruination is (oh! ??????!) the day!

sortitur; is (carnis); et sexum; the black (oh defaecatio!) head emerges!;

the crown red! scream!; ex uno homine; breathe! oh ?????! tota haec

(the violacea!) animarum; (the head!) redudantia; redundans!


       the embracements, remember? that june twenty-first (fully erect!) at Piazza

Chenoux, in the evening; Sandeman SC; (our hair!); semen illud! (G 5 number 1)

number 769173 A, corporal!; that obscoenasque quasque; the saliva!;

that partes quasque! the saliva, the sweat; that suis nominibus

pronuntiantes! the cramps in our feet.




seize the quicksilver, the cold gingiva, the honey, this sphere

of dry glass; measure the head of our child

careful now and do not twist his imperceptible


         in your nipple you must have converted

an extensive continent of lamps, the obsessive gust of critical

gardens, lazy belly whales, the nettles

and the vine, nausea and rust;

                                                because every street will

instantly want to run into him, an umbilical hernia cutting

his smoke profile, some hippopotamus giving him

its scurfy and black phosphorous teeth:

                                                          avoid the wind,

crowded places, jugglers, insects;

and at six months he could double his weight, see the goose,

grip his night gown, assist in the fall of solid bodies;

therefore tear him from a life of algae and globules, small nodes,

indecisive lobes:

                         his groan will conquer yr liquid wounds

and his oblique butter eyes correct the nameless centuries!




the thing as it moves (ie the door); (the thigh); (the narrow window) the dagger!

(it moves!); and trembling! (terrible proportions!); enlarged! pressing (…);

and ie the bottle;

                                   in the lavatories; and in ie that

infected air; her the patient, so white; and this dagger as it moves! trembling!




the students come; (and in that hollow, oh us, concluded! oh us, tangle!);

                                                                                    they screech:

yr name! (and I yell); yr name! (and he responds not: urinates):

                                                                                     their heads

emerge, puffy; their eyes, puffy, emerge, they rise,

purples; oscillating (prodigious) flash; (oh flashes! oh ashes!);

(their heads) swim (oh ashes!) in that air, burning, vibrating,


               the students talk; yr name! (and they yell); yr name!

(we respond not: urinate):

                                           our heads suffer; and now they speak:

(our tongues); (and burning): oh testes! (they yell); oh testes! and finally

an ash tongue splits off (from that heart): semper curato!
(he yells this); semper! and flashing again, with robusto singultio,

in that sterile air (the student); ne sis! (yells); intestabilis!




and past the glass door, the sudden pool; and her, and in the mist,

once more, lost!

                           I observed in fact (from one of those narrow windows)

the deserted plaza, the disfigured, collapsing palazzos: again I listened, again

that silence; and I smelled the air, no motion; and I too in fact,

lost, again; but past the panes you see greyish water; you see

tangles of vibratiles, of crisp nudes, and again:

                                                                       again the clean

breath of her desiring; and I too, then, and in that water, so miserable,

and lost; and her throat, and again, and the clean, then, throat, hers!

with water, and with a singultio, those irascible, immense, oscillating, nudes!

tepid, oh tepid chorus, oh soft, touching, chorus, which they named;

chorus, again: testibus (shouting explosives)! testibus (touching disfigured)!

testibus (disfigured testes!)! et praesentibus, oh!

                                                                         and it penetrated the fog;

and with utmost clarity; and vibrating, then, frenzied, water; and in warm cups,

copulating; in screeching tanks, you roll over; yelling, boiling:

in this belly (screaming then!) pushing! you push, then, moaning;

dripping, impress: oh, frangibles (you said);

                                                                   and I saw her, primed, sopping wet, oh!
(praesentibus testibus vidi); she vibrated I saw; vibrating; her herself;





and later, in that mist, and on foot, convulsive; and not convulsive, later,

again, and relaxed:

                          and the lights, in that mist! and they spilled, those lights,

above the grass; above the track, suffocated, oscillating; those lights! soft!

miserably I saw her, again, in that mist, and convoluted;

and resting, and in those lights, debasing herself! and the horses, breathing, circling,

bleached (the wooden rail, beating, aroused!); and those soft

lights! dispersing! in that mist!: oh lake (I said)! oh loss!

and on that track I touched! the horse! et:

                                                                oh equus (I said)!

oh corpus (above that grass, in that mist, I said!)! oh corpus!

(I said) oh!; (I said): ne tangito!; (oh that hoof lacerated me!);

(oh it twisted me!); (oh!); (oh that tongue!); and breathing, circling,

on that track; swimming! et:

                                                      nudus essem (I admitted);

nudus (clinging to me); (and clung again): corpus! ni!

(I breathed, I circled; swimming); me! (swimming; clinging);

texisses! (I breathed, finally); I rested; et:

                                                                        let’s search in the refrigerator

(I said); oh equus (I said swimming)! corpus meum! equus meus!

let’s search then in the refrigerator! (and we will find the fresh, the sweet grass);

(and I saw in that air, in that water, the clear, the soft lights);

oh I left, finally, circling, swimming; oh I went away! oh I breathed!

my hoof (I wanted to exclaim)! my body! (I screamed)! oh my tongue!

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