Alice better drive her wet cunt faster than
Western Union Oklahoma horse hooves
Out into the night’s capital-letter
Alice better become a worse debtor

Fail better? Never! Alice better fail worse
Than the open letter Empire of letters
One better for the American settler

Last stop on the chain-letter

This psychometric Republic
Houses astronomic debtors
With geometric heads and aches
Get well Never get better Their optometrists
Housed in glass malls Their glasses
Concave Alice moves in convex debit card
Transactions Alice holding wet contracts

Is not convinced Alice with ripped contact lenses
Her pupils ripe but her flesh always object
Her asymmetric breasts toujours touched by men in charge

Skinned-knee Alice in a desert
Crosswind the woodwinds played on
Alice as drowned doll eyes and antique boots
When as a child she read the ship sunk

She felt the joy of wind-leapt trees
Burn everything
Sink everything please
All eyes on the thick-skinned
Stockbrokers’ heaven a whirlwind
Of electronic devices the plane

In headwinds pressed on the continent
Bloody-minded the way women

Who are pressed into suburbs
Collapse the supremacist minds

Of violent men who create
The money and ideas and dominance

Collision of passengers and jet fuel
A field of vision no less Parisian
Than communizing cell-division
Alice looks up each catastrophe

In her rhyming dictionary like a dying breed
Of Dionysian woman
Like a convulsing town
Of complex strollers and baby cries and pesticides
From here on out, Alice, you must take sides
With your long-division

Autumn in Allah or Guatemala
In Golem Salem Gaza
Quebec in Caracas Dallas
In Oz in Hell there are fifteen synonyms for
Sex but only one word for the police force
There’s Alice climbing on top of a body

To forget all these wars and bullets 
There’s Alice with Mutual Fund 
Waldorf salads and alcohol
To ward off the inevitable toward

My tome has come and yours will
Drone my time bomb My dollface My mask
Like a training drill or fire alarm or police baton
My passenger jet drones on the black dahlia’s
Severed head like a mirror that says
This is all women
Cut in half in fourths in eights
With a magician’s wand
Alice, bombshell, babe, take my language
My genitalia and make
your bombed out bake sale
Break and rage glass poetry
Palaces into tatterdemalion

Oh Alice
Hold your dura mater close to
Your body of hot water
Make water like a squatter
Make gray water
Make red water
Make tonic water
Make something berserk better
An iceberg or Gettysburg Make all your ideas
Address me 

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