The Self-enclosed safety
response of a leaf
if a leaf turns then falls
onto a green picnic table
or the crab grass and the
puncture grass. Bristle and
grain are visible flowing in
the surface of the fairly
recently painted table. One of
those almost invisible spiders
walks across the page
uncannily avoiding the hot
black letters absorbing the
full spectrum of the sunlight.
2, 3, 4 people walk past. The
midge (smidge) circles in
a narrowing gyre some point on the
blank page after this one
and is released when
you or I look for it.
Too small to see
how does it evolve?
A coot swims below the
angle illumination the
bank allows but the
foxtail outside the castle
absorbs and radiates a
seeded hairy light.
A person can be
conjured by accompanying
sets of actions that


persuade his emergence
from a piece of driftwood
he once or is now will have
touched and undergirds
a gradual emergence
in the travel around
the effigy mound on
Lakeland of her vortex
squeezing between the
concrete blocks meant to
shore in giant steps
down to the lake the tiny beach. The
and another coot ducks its head in
in the sun
Downy woodpecker. The
nuthatch spirals down the
trunk. Below the
bank the stones
are held in place by
dry exposed roots.
The dots on a
diseased leaf are
the failed trapezoids
of leaf surface inside certain
networks of capillaries but the
leaf isn’t partially dead
exactly as it
wasn’t partially alive.
What is included.

The woodpecker digs
at his place looking
for it below. A
fishing line whuzzes
and plinks. It is
disastrous to look at
the fisherman. 4 faces
hang askew in the
chest of drawers. A sign
for the Rilke House in
Madison, Wisconsin reads
founder of the great
circus fraud behind
a spruce. I grow
more and more
suspicious of the times.
Red-orange (what’s
that called or compelled
by?) vines make lines on
the old asbestos shingles
(dangerous to remove)
but avoid the windows.
A whistle increases and
a fighter jet
threatens to disappear
into the ground I am
on a curb in a ripped
sweatshirt under four
even tinier midges.

The deep depression in 
getting up early to do a
project laid out for me
appears as an external
sensation on a day that isn't
happening to me.

The notebook rests on a
rust-hardened steel
railing joining the side
walk to the street two
steps below. The sun
is on my backside, thin
pants below the sweatshirt.
One day at the bakery

they had a ping-pong
table and she and James
played and people took
pictues Lisa told me.
The yellow

paint on the curb is
beginning to peel from
the bottom side to the
top curve and the
gray silhouette left
is Mont Saint Victoire
from a notebook

near the corner of Evergreen
and Oak Ridge Streets
that never meet
when a car goes by.

The iron st ove has
a hole in it.   A stream
of water from a basement
washing machine drains
into the Coop driveway and
thence to the gutter.
It’s also raining.
A man in a brown
coat says in
passing, Ann
won’t let you go
to sleep, but
like some people say
And in a
Criminal to stand in
the Dunning Street
crosswalk and
make observations
a passing red car, a
black jeep with high
exhaust pipe on the
above the roof so more
of the or the whole
vehicle is submersible.
One of the two masons
repairing the foundation
at 2201 wipes his
brow while number two spreads
his feet out and
admires the sun on
the lake, returning
with a bag of
sakrete.   Manifold
destiny a voice
in the birch of
Southern New York state
returned. A waffle iron
in the sun
a sound with a missing
source, hunger for it
coming and going
comes and goes. The
postwoman, mail carrier
is being followed and
timed, compressing the
neighborhood day into a
dot. Imperial
day not describable as
force, I look down
and try to arrange the
leaves and needle in
honor of her
resistance. I see
into a dumpster
supremely beautiful
purple weed
Canada Thistle
Cirsium arvense


of the family Compositae
Elliott’s mother walks out
of the large brick house
two doors down
from the large wooden
one of Elliot’s father
as if your time existed
in any other direction.
The fish
is not in the dish
where you sometimes
live I said to
myself in the kitchen.
The dish is from
Polynesia. A California
boy said to
Lisa in praise after the
reading when you talk
about your poems it’s
like you have
amnesia. A gold oval
sticker is missing, had a
red line around
Made in. What’s the
most important thing you
will do today? The
notebook says this to
the pen, the pen
repeats to me, I

say it again
again, not always
sure if it has
to be or has
changed before I write
it down. In the woods
off the highway once
we stumbled on a
miraculous swimming
hole, something
secret secreted from our-
selves something funny
uncovered in how
people hear us.   I
changed my shoes for
slippers, repository
of lies / positions
that can’t be repeated?
How lovely to wait and
wait and wait for
the coming of winter,
a stimulant in the
form of a relaxed
concentration tongue
rolling out of a
mouth gradually opened
but then the phatic
thought you wouldn’t
be here if I came

to see you there
a timely encounter.
A page that can speak is
fateful and prophetic
serving the night that
he will one day
become.   A pair of
men pull up in a
truck sound
one in green and one
in brown.   Each removes
one strap and one stake from
the ground on either side of
the Gingko biloba
Maidenhair tree
ancient dioecious
now free to
release and anticipate
the sun and
the male and female
conjoined into one
in the conifer
and maple, the vowel
of vowels for once as
naked as the
consonant.   A mountain
grew overnight so
I stepped inside a
tree and saw the
wooddust in the trunk through
the sky.   There are
parts to cut.
I was here once
and I will always
recall her thus.
It was somewhere
out there our minds
met and fell out
of the sunflower's
seedless Quinunx
hanging from a buck's
horn found dead

in the orchard's woods
and sawed off
to be an action
never completed. 


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