The Ploidy Sense 





Um found you in the dark in the wood
the wood. Said I can scent your ploidy
and its not like mine.

Said in the wood un the dead trees awning
S’i can reach in you in i can proke your tih.                       just an offer,
                                                                              i can proke your tih. 

I’ve hard oaty flake-offs;
And can i make a candy? I’ve plastic septa. 
                     And can i make it plastoc?                          And can i make it 
see me.


i sen it eat in open
i sen en eat it open
i sint. Done me in. dunt pleas.
disin’t o-do-it.


But it enters the greeting-house,
sweet as a baby ungulate.
Smearing hues in the old barn, 
come in.
The bubble peels apart the strip
inserts its tender in the hide
the paper hide of a very small animal
Come in.

A small, very musky. ...A muskt?
‘m not done. A small, very musky, very s
I’m finished. 


Soft mutation in the whited half
Peels his own wracked pelt

anymore. I am the nonce.
Feel into me.

Flies off the
hell of it. 


Held him unwantingly,
Under caffeinis. The black-be-silver awning.
Held him unwavering.
This gave him something.
like rucksack flaps. 


Him and me face the other:
double simple
Torques something
horrible, does this love til
his ploidy’s twain.

I sense it
I sense it splitting his
mid middle. 


I’ve another in the tallow canal.
Another in the swage pipe,
predonkey. He half cleave.
- ihhh! Can’t-

Muckin out its guttage.
He’s showing it to us, get away! To you.
Ihh! To me.  

Anyhow he has cried and he
has stayed. He has at least
By Midmark!
Has losost his uteru
Had he lost in his utesru?


I got my head some sorta
pain of involvement.

Sample. Gumee, hi, I jam him
Parry, parry. Lurch. 











In and on the massive water 




Ocean animal I do
not get to go back.
I spread my well-fleshed keel
with turgid gladness.

Specked skin glances in a crest   narwhal,
long-beamed narwhal of a pallor hoary, eerie, and vulnerable.
Plunge down the open chute through dimmer water.

It’s tricky. There is no
understanding here.
Flecky; frothy; rolling

and awful any time the ship is
produced. The ship is packed.

The ship is general courageous behavior, thick crackers, windy, everything swaying,
all manner of fixations. And deep, peeling layers of pure redness
refill men’s eyes in their old long funnel-shaped booths.

Watch it rise hugely, nodding front to back, on the wide spill of blackness. 
I’m already gone. I said that,
but what is your form going toward?


Twisting up around it the other way and staring into the underbelly of
exactly the wrong enormity. 








low normal 



Poor visual acuity this must be
The airs going all like pulverized nut husks
Draw it all over me.

And decked in shells, shells which clack,
Clacking poorly, poorly.

I make as I land my mop-tassel stand
ignorant. Not to defend my bags
  make for me.
       against each other’s jabbing.     Yet one knoweth me 
from the small berg. 

Who is here?
    hey aaron. 
Tannin water, cheap water.
Free beneath the clay.

    Who is this again?

Doesn’t show./
Someone’s dot is coming./ 

aaron paasses gaas
And we don’t say we like it smelling in such and such a way
but wheeeeeeeee 








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