An enclosure, that’s fit
And who’s
On watch?
   They might piece
The cloud cover
A little warped   
   Unfathom a whole
Lot of investors
   Turn every corner
To the last white
Rhinos every one
   That my
Speech acts
Mustered, I came
     To the practice,
Came with a roomful
A brimful
Then a motion
   Annexed but onscreen
Too much debris
      In their guts


They don’t
See it
To compensate
I nod
    To Morosa, Edith,
Isabella, Loreena,
(Sounds like roil)
And they met
    Up to the ones
With tricorns and
I believe woefully
In reward
    Welcome only
Outlaws who business
With me
His entrée—
    Transported upside
Down by helicopter



The long dark howl
A fool visits
They hear only
    Sprightly containment
And then
Spooling feathers
   Into baskets, that’s
The garden-dope
Flush out all
    The live ones
Ear-soft with tomorrow
With peach
Get all mushy
     With the methody
Get my procedure?
Violet and zero
      Knowing twat


Largely relaxing
     At the great landed
Estates in their
     And details galore
About their
Habits for the citizens
Truly they sag
But have a metal
I’ve been a silent
In the deal, though
With dream-readings
    A beginner
Reluctantly fastened   
    To ire demands


That’s product we
Had in mind
    Daisy the pair
Of them
The cloud’s ‘a comin
Why insist
   It’s they
Who drag their
   Go flip it
Heat up the miraculous
I’ll be a
Pronounce it with
    Fur preferring
Deportation then
Wave when the canal
Barge passes

    Rollicking soon
Say a one-word
    Command and Oh
That it be
The glossary
Of calls
In an almanac
    All authored up
Then bake
They climatize to it
     I’m remaindered
Speak speak
Clocking around this
     Shady guild
Synonymous with bestow
Shift in order
To change
     Stable in, sincere
As that
     Buy anytime
Choose like the race
That it is


When they wrangle
They’re talking
   Snowballs, their
Half-baked fisticuffs
    It’s the debt that
Hides near
Moss, its iridescence
That gives it
   Some get drunk
On the orchards
Momentarily ransom
   A harpy eagle
Hold it
My medieval fetishes
   I’m practiced
In gawking
Shepherding fills me
   I counsel them
They, me
A shoulder
   Dip a kink in
The tail


Sluggish as dark
   Dye and off-kilter
Heave remotely
Then synchronize
   Surge near
Decks more chatting
The entire
    Pride blurring
Across the rock face
    Josephine opted
For Empire and
For the rare
I’m counting
    My efforts in plosives
   The coarse rash of
Them guards


Rush ghost-trains
Tell to the three-toed
With scars taut
   And trembling
A red gash--
    That’s vermilion to some
She and I watch
Together, hunting
Dogs surround
     From our oasis
There goes
The pepper tree, lacy
And brisk,
   Nimble wing
It’s high time
    For southward
Sincere as you could
Be with
With ribbon helixed
In a tree

We nudge
Until the shut down
   View the yard
Sparrow theatrics
All decked
Out in the sky’s
   Invisible cells
She and I hung
Up on goodbye,
Dream basket, cottony
   Air—it’s middle earth,
Or something
Like that,
Something like
Among  alder
And poplar
  With her Polaroid
She snaps
   Spray and showery
Stuff, not
The real bird.


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