Driving to enlarge by forty thousand
snow geese      on a plain flooded

    to draw their winter occupation—

metaphor      (greed    or is it

       and yesterday’s flight line
smoothing birds into the arrow—

        knowing no such
order       until meaning (between, the migration

falls out of the slack.

                         Yet, a pintail duck is still a—
and sandhill cranes pencil : pencil pre-

    if not post-historic (ideas of line 

A temporary marsh still
     limbic inundation grass dark dank

face of (silvering now 

water on which massing white birds
        (some blue- or storm-feathered

      paint a pale 

                       eye or shield
on which rescue      (from time, confusion

     is imagined found

until an incident ray (sunrise

     the sky all at once      lifting them
to its breast       (

or what looks like 

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