A wedding by                 the river: stripling                          groom and a girl-
bride. A priest dressed in 		         leaves read from	                   texts of
clouds, then we               toasted when the brown                 bear, lumbering, slopped
across the river and                      turning, growled in                                 which I could hear
the word Ursus, the                      groom saying yes, yes,                              laughing, running
thru saplings, years, second	                   growth forests with		                              her toward
peaks near the Alma                    Mine, famous                                          for a rhodochrosite
cleaved-rhomboid-                      shape, cherry-                   jello-colored specimen. Thief
of affection, thief                              of extinction, the                                        mating call saves
us. The gem, from                        manganese-dissolved, combining                   with carbonate
then drips off                  caves, underground: Gorgeous                             end of a tortuous event.
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