Listening to “Vicious”

And trying to forget

The hole whence issues

Miles of curling shit,


I heard it crackle into existence:

Le grand peut-être.

And up ahead in the distance:

Shimmering Kamasutra.


The coming of the white man?

That was the first heave.

Relax, said the overnight man.

We are programmed to receive.


Rita’s out feeding the meter.

I hope she took her card.

For consigned to the end of a needle

Is the holoblastic canard.


Holly’s gone back to Miami.

Arrived there on a yacht.

Wasn’t till later the Sugar Plum Fairy

Came and hit the slots.


Kit Marlowe knows the tune!

And knows just how to pilot

A Montgolfier-style balloon

In the atmosphere of Titan.


But who can tell what Maisie

Said before she swooned?

These women all go crazy ’bout

A sharp-dressed wound.


But the candyass in a tux

Is starting to whine and pester:

“I don’t want to be a bitch?

But she’s gained a lot of weight this semester.”


You did it, not me.

So who deserves the punch? 


As soon as I pop the clutch.


I have to squat to pray.  

Oh, my offense is rank!

James Dean for a day,

But eventually Hillary Swank.


Way ahead of you, Marge.

No ideas but in things.

Just want to practice my art.

The tension in the strings,


The anxiety in the air,

And the six rows of teeth—

Did it all on a dare

And slid right into its sheath. 


So much for making it with a sexy.

No more chin than a rat.


But we don’t talk about that.


And in the Captain’s chambers

They gathered for their Faust.

Quiet! you’ll wake the neighbors while we’re

Burning down their house.


Hablaba como niño

In my mu gu gai pan.  I had to 

Watch those girls from the video

Stab it with Steely Dans.


But the Suicide Bomb Fairy

Ain’t out to make it new.

Addicted to dairy

And to the cutting through.


And I reflected on my suction

In the snow-covered hills:

Exploded perfection

Through a rolled-up dollar bill.


And if the real thing don’t do the trick?

Arrepientete, chica desnuda.

Give it a double click.

Ooo.  Barracuda.





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