There’s class warfare, all right . . . and we’re winning.

—Warren Buffett, November 26, 2006



I hear that the best minds have been saying

How, through a moral glass, the recent cock-up


At the Bubble Club has fallen sadly short

Of standards. The former Fed chairman is disappointed


(He tells the Times) and seems shorn of all

Exuberance, irrational


And otherwise. The G-8 finance ministers firmly deplore

The lack of food security among the poor,


Redoubling their commitment to transparence

And propriety. The senators from J.P. Morgan


Chase and Citibank slap around

A stone-faced CEO on C-SPAN and head out for drinks


And dinner at the Palm. Only

The Fox Populi stands up for capital,


Stretching out a vulpine paw to maul

The secret-Bolshie treasury secretary down on his luck


And on his knees. In short, interested parties agree

That the Madoffs and the tacky


Arrivistes from Lehman Bros. and Goldman Sachs

Have, in the short term, botched things for the rest of us


And that while class war, the natural and necessary

Engine of the world to come, must not be abandoned


To the sport of clowns and amateurs, it will require

A delicate rebranding. And then our patience, as before.

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