a false equivalence 





Two agents walk into a wood. They are originals and they’ve seen the

A mouthpiece in its condition re:stream. Noon is its setting. They are passing their





Eye them carefully in squiggles of light. Their name is Stanislavski.
Slows down enough to speak without spitting. Repetition





Here drift other documents. Here
in your choosing, jets bust out of line. A











ment through water. Repetition amounts to the head of a spring.
There is a space between the radicals. It grows up everything. A
mouthpiece in its condition re: stream.





amounts to the head of a spring.





detailed, a dear spray.


























But what sort/walls?

Many have been plasticized/ and their faces sparkle.

I relate to the woman.

A picture of rubble sticks to the woman. I wholly admire montage.

Four quick faces correspond.

The cuts are blinding and join at right angles.

I compose the wall. I resist it.

The men took photographs without subjects.

The women took photographs without subjects.

What remains mouths shadow.

I knock on the wall, and it opens.

No one composes the wall. I cannot resist it.

Joint my new name disrupts.




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