Sarita wears the skirt of her previous dress
and a halter. Mark wears pants
and a Hawaiian shirt. What happened?
Someone passed out. Was she wet?
She fell in. She was wearing shoes.
You can also die. Maybe
the water dried. I didn’t see any.
Didn’t fall in love with the water.
What did she die of? I don’t think
she did. His feet as if doing
a conga. I do. Sarita kneels.
She’s right of the kitchen
table. Julio on the floor.
Their clothes are heard.
Julio stands. Slip. Underwear.
Hey baby, baby. His head
on her lap. Their rhythm, song
is set by her sobbing. She sobs.
Mark does. There is pause.
Because I am miserable.
They step together. If he hits me
he’s dead. She nods, lowers.
Can I call up? Will you wait till I get up?
Mark at the table. Key sound.
Julio blue suit. I had this key
I had to return. Mark with his head
on the table. Sarita and Mark
wear the same as last seen.
Mark a soldier’s uniform. Pause.
Get out. There is pause. Let him
at him. She nods. A knock.
Come sit in my lap. Julio
drops his suspenders. Sarita
straddles. Her pelvis moves.
Why are you the way you are?






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