However pale the pearl


light from above

just as insanity arrives uncandled

my missing parents


feel not one emotion

love desire or fear etc.  

without the others thinking of wars & worse


enforced laws against so-and-so for such-and-such







I see myself clearly

who’s sick here


poured into tight pants

& later undressed save that

I’m stranded in a necklace


of moonlight down

drinking chaperoned

by the cosmos

one dog day & night arguing

that spirit as much as any body

is severely limited


in its emotion

the will is not free

is what a friend said


after my breakdown

but gets it up faster than a porn star





While neither money nor honey much

matters only breathing so my shame

clamping down my lungs with its fuselage


is not helping it’s not fitting

that some die while I go free


some nobody decides shun shun shun

& it has a sound with a shape

of freakazoidal afternoon shadows







Caused by bombers breaking another barrier

these pocks punched in blue sky

by evening become a monstrosity with a shithole


as my father used to say for a mouth

& this is how I imagine the murdered feel kissed

lightly by their perpetrators at the ferry when they dock


escorted to dinner & ordered an obscure California vintage

damaged so that they are only able to speak in tongues

of how the furies treated people


among whom I have a passing resemblance







We were driving


debating twilight


& what evening meant about dusk


we hoped to learn the instant


night falls & too late


though we saw


the first star


said not yet

then Venus not yet moonlight


now? no

this is how I fail again


to let you go


I never hear the orders

finally in your twin beds


in your shells you say


Janie we love you anyway



I bury one in the sun immediately


& the other in the rain soon after



then another night


with the bar closed & the bed covered in clothing


a rat kills a chipmunk


a dog snaps the neck of a cat


a dog mauls a smaller dog


a gunshot kills a deer


the dead deer dying & is now dead


sorry I have to let you down so sorry


your personal moon is blown away


by the ultra-gun of tomorrow



Beyond this timeless spacious


world of bloodied noses & buckteeth marks


there is a numbness


about you now


I sense you are pulling yourselves out


of some fear-fuck

something forbidden


or softer in German








My darklings can you prevent my lover and me


from a nightmare of fish


sliced with a sharp & sacred knife


& served as raw flesh


on porcelain cured at very high heat?



as human skin procured in the ovens of far cities


served God



I am powerless


& ask for your sword


I ask forgiveness







Fred rushes Stuttgart’s airport

like a pilot a day late for his plane

what does he do in Germany?

his luggage is a gold ring

the day is fine it is the night


rumored to be cool & foggy

that has me edgy

we travel several bridges together

to select your casket unfortunately

brought low by the resinous perfume of the Ukraine

your son faints among the evergreens





A fir denuded of its flat leaves

now rests on its side smelling

of the black salt seas as my brother my bellwether

slowly revives he hears you squirming


in the wood box in the parlor like a rat

in steerage our orphaned father

you grunt uncomfortably from that old country

Fred now is not a good time


but I never turn back

never guess that you’re still here

in the ionized air of the white pine

in your right mind for the wrong reason


for eternity







looks like someone sleeping

more than I am used to


a violet crocus closed

as patient

as Spring is of snow




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