Just after a layer of dark cloud, there’s a break in the silence,
a dog barking overheard through the woods
close to Route 6

Just after the two sisters have unfurled their kites and established that one string
is markedly longer so long in fact the kite would fly above the cloud if unwound
Just after the two sisters have disputed and confirmed the relative reach of their kites

Just after we arrive via our downward trek to the beach
and the relative status of our kites high and low
$7.99 for this kite, $23.99 for that

Just after the phone does not ring and no one writes
Just after the paint peels from the walls
Just after the walls peel from the posts
and the bed is standing alone in a field of lilacs

Just after the fantastic has succeeded in following every accident to the real

Just after: before the “long after” described by Rimbaud
Just after the Paris Commune of 1871 is defeated by Versailles
which is more like, “well after”, or “certainly after”, “after a certain time”

After a time there is this word peeling from that field
and there is my vocabulary peeling from its debt, our feelings from my memory

Just after I wrote: overheard a dog, I wanted to add, But can one overhear a dog?
To overhear is to hear something one is not privy to.

I also wondered, If I own no private land, what am I privy to?
Or, is this poem private?

What is its status? Is it high or low?

Just after every cracked structure becomes something we are privy to and just after overhearing
becomes a form of misplaced

Just after I wrote: a form of, I wondered, what shape is that?
This was a crack in the language of Québec that I am privy to, so to speak

Just after the industry of robins at the window and beyond the screen door’s softness
Just after triangular branching repeats an idea of rough origins its delicate naming
Just after the naming of this cracked structure peels from what we are privy to,
asymptotic and manifest

Just after: And what does it mean to write an occasional poem?
And what does it mean to have the privilege of distance from which to reflect and write?
The privilege of distance from which to overhear?

To be privileged to a language
that is the language of a nation
as though one were apart:
this crack in my respect is a dangerous becoming that I am also privy to in order to speak.

I must or the real translates my respect as a form of apartness
I must in, a ritual sense, the grammar of music
name the future as a sort of sheathing
dress the second, innermost emotion
neutral and passive in its intelligibility.

If I begin again, it’s because money has its local specificity.

Just after the mayor forbids protests in his city and soucis sprout through the civic cracks
Worries are cellular and sollicitous, rooted in the demands of legal insistence
worries wedge between names and debts, implements and feelings
forming the hard edges of stamped metal coins.

At first we weighed money and then we only needed to see money to compare
determine its value.

We saw money alone and we saw money connecting needs.

We saw the noun of money form from the connecting and that was the first noun
just after we saw it separately.

After a time we saw only the first signs: squares
and rectangles stamped with bars of hard metal
onto soft drops of precious metal. 

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