in the manner of Shenstone



~ Camouflage is the Fall of nature. (Cf. Adam and Eve.)


~ A tank, well camouflaged in a Nicolas Poussin, would be egregious in a Claude.


~ AFV crews who applied camouflage colours to their vehicles, staked their lives on their art.


~ It is the bufineff of dazzle camouflage to cause an s to appear an f, and an f an s.


~ Psychologists discover everything to be camouflage.  It is then made clear how very little these experts know of tanks.


~ In Bernini’s representation of Apollo and Daphne, it appears that a naked young man is lethargically pursuing a young lady, inadequately camouflaged.


~ The wreathing of the gun of the tank in boughs, recalls the garlanding of the neck of the sacrificial ox.


~ It was the opinion of the majority of the French aphorists that virtue is a camouflage.


~ Camouflage conceals by confusing the genera.


~ Camoufleurs are Monda painters.


~ Nature loves to hide – said Heraclitus.


~ In arcadia the entire scenery is a camouflage.


~ The pretty designs painted on tanks are the Pastorals of Mars.


~ Q-ships introduced the principles of Arcadia into Aphrodite’s meadows.


~ Classification of German Panzer Camouflage:

Primitive (1939)            overall dark grey

Classical (1943)             dark yellow, olive green, red-brown

(Cf. N. Poussin’s Funeral of Phocion)

Plein Air (1944)            ‘the hedgerow campaign’ – real foliage,

                                      grasses, etc., over dark yellow ground

~ Wadsworth and Wilkinson were camouflage artists; Ovid (of The Metamorphoses) was the first camouflage poet.


~ The fig-leaf was the first camouflage.


~ The Presocratic philosophers regarded the apparent world as a camouflage; they differed as to whether the thing confused was Fire (Heraclitus), or Water (Thales), or Air (Anaximenes), or The Boundless (Anaximander).


~ The camouflage smock of the Waffen-SS was the original of all military smocks – and of the Anorak uniform of the CND marchers.

~ Arnold’s Scholar Gipsy, when last glimpsed near Bagley Wood, was wearing a camouflage smock.


~ The domestic strawberry disguises certain of its leaves as the ripe fruit; this is the principle of dazzle camouflage.


~ The tank is a shy, dappled creature.


~ From his titles, (Some Versions of Pastoral, Seven Types of Ambiguity) the reader might mistake the critic William Empson for a camouflage expert.


~ An emblem might depict a well-camouflaged tank with the poesie, There’s no rose without a thorn.

~ It is a paradox to say – That camouflage shows up well.   – But it is certain to have been said.


~ The name F. M. von Senger und Etterlin (a leading expert on German armour) is itself like a camouflage. So is the name Solomon J. Solomon, of the work on Strategic Camouflage.

~ Shenstone might have added to his ‘Venus Semi-Reducta’ a ‘Panthera Semi-Reducta’.


~ It is uncertain whether the traditional dress of the Highlander is to be classified as concealing or as dazzle-type, camouflage.


~ To the dedicated anagrammatist, a proper name is no more than a challenging camouflage.


~ Realism is a style which purports to be, and is at first often taken to be, without camouflage.


~ Every style in art is a camouflage through which, by our own reconstruction, we think we see ‘real’ nature.


~ To camouflage a tank is to add what Shenstone calls ‘the amiable to the severe’ – the beautiful to the sublime, flutes to drums.


~ In tanks and warplanes and warships, the public apprehends the sublime without realizing it – and with an often ignorant hostility which a better acquaintance with tradition might transmute into Awe.


~ Seurat’s style is, to aunties, a mottle camouflage. To the initiated it is like a child’s-book illustration in which we have to join the dots.


~ The camouflage net is like a ploughshare made into a sword.


~ The Waffen-SS were the satyrs of this century.  (Cf. The Birth of Tragedy by F. Nietzsche.)


~ The Weather is a daily camouflage.


~ Camouflage with real foliage sacrifices nature to Conservation.


~ Painted bow-waves on warships are the false moustaches of camouflage.

~ Scented painted camouflage is the obvious retort to those new military weapons which ‘see’ by smell.


~ Total War prompts a Total War Art.


~ Gaston Phebus, in the 15th century, painted La Charrette Camouflee – The Camouflaged Cart.

~ When the camouflaged tank fires, it ends the enigma.


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