Exquisite corpse kitchen nightmares as odalisques of the New
   American’s finest patriotic professional patronizing simulated gothic merchandising industry
As enablers
            Of gentle working-class criminally narrative blue
      Balls of trisexual structuralism, read any
   Good television lately? ¿¿¿¿¿¿Gender
         World?????? pts 1&2
            Black dramedy
Ground zero gaze curb your money shot
            Oil nuke gimp thaw
      Prolegomena to supernatural bachelorette machines of reproductive futurism
   Sharper queer box butch bois will not, did not    
            Occur, straight sex Situationism rule of law
Body genre post-Enlightenment sadomasochism
      So forensic, so hot
            So Republican, psychosexual rise and fall
         Of neoliberalism
      As mirror stage reifying intertextual heteronormativity
   Or, the specular logic of late
         TV eye-dol wants to be
An undead transvestite corporate millionaire? enema of the state
      Belief Pavlovas filing bankruptcy
   On your face
            Latent slasher taffy affect post-9/11 procedural freedom
   Heterosexuality (memento mori apertif) is obsolete, abolish the couple
         Annihilate the Right
      Fuck Fence
         Forgot to remember to rethink praxis, wet Oedipal
            Eat at Passagenwerk’s hooplehead et in impotens
      Ego declension spectacle
            Of life
   White middle-class guilt, the opium
         Of capitalist religion
      Domesticity reconfiguring domination, recuperate total protracted pleasure wars
   Beneath the theory stones in a cum
Stained letter with Marxist jargon
            Found near the orgy, slogans to be spread before
   While and after making love, third-wave orgasms
         Idealism is narcissism fiending representation
No ideas but in cock blocks, bête noir
         Of the bed, he-she died
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

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