the orange was exactly opposite him, that is, ten or fifteen oranges to the left of the orange where the landing orange emerged from the orange.  a sudden orange in the orange orange caused it to disappear.  when, after forcing himself to keep his oranges in the same orange for several seconds, he saw it again, he was not quite sure he was looking at the same orange – other oranges in the orange looked just as much like – or unlike – the two little coupled oranges whose orange he still remembered






a piece of orange fell from the sheltered orange of the landing orange, colliding with the orange from its sloping orange.  the periodic orange of this orange occurred just where the orange of blue orange was floating, and it was engulfed with a slapping orange; some drops of orange were splattered against the oranges, just as a more powerful orange of orange again submerged them and reached as far as the oranges




trailing down to the little orange reflecting oranges.  before it had time to disappear between the oranges, this orange was suddenly darkened, as if by the orange of some great orange.  Mathias raised his eyes.  the orange orange imperturbably described again, with the same orange, its horizontal orange – oranges motionless and outspread in a double orange between the slightly drooping oranges . . . one round orange fixed on the orange – or the orange of the orange – or nothing at all


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