Working from a text we can say that they are not allowed to travel

Working from a text we can say this poem may be a kind of betrayal

Working from a text we can say that they have had their tools taken away

Working from the text we must avoid any kind of poignancy

Working in a town where there are many car dealers and fewer charms

Or not working in a town because no tools and so just having a soda agrume

And reading from the Library of Riots and all of this seemed to some a special effect

And to the rest of us like life and like life part of it was made from texts


Against The Day Demon One Wonder Factory Original Gangster Straight Outta Compton On A Generation That Squandered Its Poets South Asia Je Est Un Autre Tranche De Mezzanine Nina And Alberto Total Syntax Syntagma Square Queer Substance Stance Of Critique Tiqqun The Call Call It Thought Thought Is The Bride Of What Thinking King Of The May Maya Arulpragasam Gesamtkunstwerk Workday David Harvey VO Osez Josephine Phenomenology Of Spirit Written Exam Matisse Backward Is System Tim On The Cover Of The Chronicle California Gurls Earl’s Court 24 City EU Eurodollar La Roux Rue Des Pyramides Middlesex Occupation On The Road To Rouen On Certainty NTM M.Phil Film Socialisme Method The Dollar Crisis Isidore Ducasse Casser Du Sucre Sur Le Dos De Quelqu’un


A thing like a frag

A thing like a syn
A thing like a tag

a –ma     a –ment     a metatag and the fire in the bank


If an image disappeared its place was immediately filled with a kind of neutral plastic material we knew as the social stuff. And a new image would appear elsewhere with a gentle whoosh because the visible kept a careful equilibrium. Except it wanted to expand and sometimes when you woke in the morning there would also be an unfamiliar image where an old image had been and we didn’t know if they were pasted one image on the other like an old billboard or if the new image covered over the social stuff or maybe it was what the stuff had become. The images were beautiful and often included clouds or words and word-clouds were themselves an allegory for the social stuff and like all allegories it went both ways. It was getting all over us.


Working from a text I felt guilty for working


You walk out the door and you’re just like what’s up global underclass?


We knew it was time

We knew it was time to leave

We knew it was time to leave our time

Love could not help with this


And all this talk of zones of ambience is possible because you live in a quarter that is the Jewish quarter in a neighborhood that is the gay neighborhood on a street that is mentioned by name in Zone just 98 years ago it is the street with the lesbian bars and this was the garment district at one point 95% of the nation’s clothing made here and now it is fashionable as life is fashionable and at 9:30 am the people who are almost beautiful enough to never work arrive for their jobs and it is the second day of spring measuring not by the calendar but the pleasure index of the air and you think this is close enough to be an image of your life as you are almost beautiful that is to say not beautiful and though you are professionally lazy you will never be free of the work and no one is transformed as the world is transformed and finally in the afternoon with pheromonal haloes around their bodies the neighbors race out of their apartments to bang into each other on the corner and I want to be honest about how much I love this all of this and its pleasure is my pleasure and its wine is my wine when I can afford it and I am holding this in mind as truth and measure when I say it must be annihilated not as text but really now.


An age which no longer loves poetry has betrayed itself

There are not two kinds of poetry there is only one: Jacobin and unyielding

The first principles must be beyond dispute

The best poetry will have contempt for its era but so will the worst


It must be made from everything

including text — this is the minimum formula for realism —

but it does not align itself

with texts — it must align itself with work — meaning hatred

of work — it must desire

change so much it is accused of being in love

with annihilation —

must in fact love annihilation — the rest is sophism —

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