Dint do my hair?
   Dint of a temper-crake

Corncrake embedded
  Folderol harness

Harness among favorite words
  Why not, dim partner?
  Partners, I scented rue

Fear light Susan type.

Fear nettle goethics

Feeth – hollow wither.

The grim lain telluride fixation
blew and gasket, goo and basket.

Lo humphrey nutter bar.

Well fallible, Calvinist fallen.

I might.   Bellibent
Burn prongfast. Have prongfest.

Shine heaven tube

Wordsworth resisted
flash. To weenkle, to weenkle, little start.

Mouse price: highness.

Flit honey worm or work.

Fidelity boosters. Lack faith or face.


None too tree fort knive sick tappan straits time den. We leaven delve dirtqueen
font queen tiffqueen sexqueen heavenqueen hatequeen tithequeen namequeen


Gobel blalla fiddle blat you
Finny amberoona lay-
Lo imberandum:
Fultigrass you.

Fenicular plaice fetal playbah
Antagoodle lentinoose,
Falooning gonal
Lapalaki cogliatt

Ganoon grim blagmate.
Fludel toowrap dinahshoe.
Lolo grumped
You toilet


that Mr
came back and it was tell L
it was brimful/braful. In few days
in York see beautiful too.
Ask him.

seems neutral. Is there
A red sky feeling Hepzibah 

Trend splotched green fungus (licker)
Everywhere is wet.
From my trough portray it


We were way deep tarnishing
   the boat. Aptly taken.

Live frenchy twelve lader.

Hool time swell victim patisserie.

Fold lenient desk in flout harness
Flat oakly dale mass cardio
Faloot rigueur, the queen
alectric stomp, and noodle needle

Fallacious romp or pum
the saddle due.

Flirt bestly

My token heartily, the
flee Mercado.

Flanoint the basic ill.
Wha is it.

 Flout tempt
allow generatore.

my sentiment. 



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