Take tonight forgetting the roving dogs,

tank as its blended verb and noun form,

form as abandonment it’s there but it ain’t there


Catalog sight lines, how the flows of traffic tangle

and at what times of day. Build a rhetoric

of vulnerable pylons. The moon is up there still.


Play by play: a new action-packed thriller starring

real navy seals. Madonna in Babylonian regalia

we all saw it. The patriots lost. Rolling out the new


war with Iran even M.I.A is cheerleading for it. 

Everybody’s in some porno.

The bureau of entertainment projects 99% satisfaction.


Hide the file so that everyone can eat cake.

A gleaned credit card/mask’d banditry,

junkie b-ball cap 9.95 Yrs.


The cities knotted to one another gloweringanalbeadsintheglintingsunne.

Smoke and feathers sink skyward. 

The starved beltway through the endless lawn.


Tamil phone taps for the new calendrical system,

app napkin. Palimpsest graffiti fuckyou landscapes

lard on baby’s head / larks enveloping the lone cloud.


Icicles collect on the coasts of our lips’ 

unsung territories. Paolo can’t cease 

strafing through the dark sky, tracer rounds


somewhere off in the desert, 

bed/barricade/thievery/food/love teeth chattering

at the city limits of mo-town, 7th circkle,


distant hymns of korous woes. The good

Dr. Fostroll eats termites on the brownbread

midnight billowing through arboreal vocal chords.








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