“It is time, then, to groan with the whole ax . . . and everything is owed to everyone.”  (( César Vallejo


“Of all of politics, I understand only one thing: revolt.”  (( Flaubert


“Capitalism entrusts the fate of peoples to the financial appetites of a tiny oligarchy. In a sense, it is a regime of gangsters.” (( Alain Badiou, The Rebirth of History


“The important thing is not to permit the German a single moment of self-deception or resignation. The actual burden must be made even moreburdensome by creating an awareness of it. The humiliation must be increased by making it public . . . these petrified conditions must be made to dance by having their own tune sung to them! The people must be put in terror of themselves in order to give them courage.”  (( Karl Marx, “Contribution to a Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,” 1844


“But as the economic crisis appears more inexorable and as [reformist social democrats’] own self-disarmament increases their weakness, their plans for the reform of capital appear ever more quixotic and their ability to influence the employers declines. As they forward ever more desperately their plans for collaboration they encounter an increasingly ferocious capitalist offensive. Unless a revitalized workers’ movement deters them or the economy’s miraculous recovery reprieves them the reformist leadership will pursue to its conclusion their lemming-like drive to self-destruction.” (( Robert Brenner, “The Paradox of Social Democracy,” The Year Left: An American Socialist Yearbook, Verso, 1985.


“Katya, Masha and I may be in prison, but I do not consider us defeated. Just as the dissidents were not defeated: although they disappeared into mental institutions and prisons, they pronounced their verdict upon the regime. . . .  It was the same with the OBERIU poets, who remained artists until the end, inexplicable and incomprehensible. Purged in 1937, Alexander Vvedensky wrote, ‘The incomprehensible pleases us, the inexplicable is our friend.’ . . . Pussy Riot are Vvedensky’s students and heirs. (( from Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s closing statement in the Pussy Riot trial at the Moscow Khamovniki District Court, August 8, 2012, as translated on the n+1 web site 


 “The juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated phenomena was the basic tactic of twentieth-century modernist art. The idea was that, to the degree aesthetic categories could be proven false, social barriers could be revealed as constructed illusions, and the world could be changed . . . . The language of self-destroying modern poetry was a key to social revolution.” (( Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces




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