I believe that modernity is pagan.  A sign that people are not pagan as they should be is that they believe in the signified of what they are saying. . . . What makes paganism? The fact that each game is played as such, which implies that it does not give itself as the . . . true one. A modern will does not occult itself. A dream . . . is a language game. . . .  It is a statement that places the utterer in the position of an unknown utterer and the addressee as the ordinary utterer of wakeful discourses, that is, as the dreamer himself.


  —statements assembled from Jean-François Lyotard’s conversation in Just Gaming.




That  the  modern    would be  pagan ,  even  understood  with  only  my  semantics  ,    is  delicious   

——  because

the pagan is such an organic   fertile  bounty    ;  it   is a  fount , or  from a   fount   —  and  the


engine  ,  or   fountain  that  thresholds  the    fountain     is , besides physics , both  mythos     and  imagination ,         for me 

the  human     ——    Not without  irony  , of course,  but  irony   does  not  destroy       human   response , feeling ,


nor     prevent  true  wrestling  with     opposites   and    series  of  opposites , as  in   diagonal  dimen-

sions .


I  can’t   join   in   with  Lyotard’s notion of dream as mere  “language  game  , ”  though    the     wit   and     really    infinite     play    and   making of  meaning

with  language  in  dreams    seems  unlimited , phenomenal      ——      


Every  known  and  unknown   experience  , and  types  of  occurrences ,    occur  in  dreams  ;

one  cannot    completely  fathom  them , and      find  “ a  bottom  ”   —— 


whichever “ I ” of a  person  in dream ,  is  revealed    to her or himself     in its  flow    to    afterwards,

if  remembered       upon    waking ,   


I have experienced the ≠ I ” in dreams not only as the   addressee   but 

also            otherwise ,  as  that   ≠ utterer                of  unknown  discourses  ”  ———    

The  dreams   know     ——    but   are    wild        and     speaking    to  us  ,   mystery    (   who   knows


us   )  .  Awake  ,   one   unfolds   the   dream   , , ,     ———   which    doesn’t  



            tether  to    one      definition   ——              but  has   an  intimate    ——

immense   to  the  quantum, and  the   generally  relative


notch/es  of  you     ————                  dream     that    ‘  knows  ’    yet



speaks    in    its     language   ,   or                           sometimes   is   very     plain  -  spoken      (  no     experiential  rules  ).



Again  ,   the   dream        ‘  knows ’  

the  particular    impossible   to be  named     ,  in  you   —    which   lives   discrete , new,   in   every  dreamer        ——   Dreams  join  hands  with   the  interested   parties     ,



     put  our  hands   on     that   ≠  impossible  to be  named  ”   ——   without   gloves    !

Therefore  my hands  know  more  than  I    do          ———

(   oh  ,   also   that one   could   hear   one’s  hands    tree-wise    ——   or   through  worm-aerated 

earth    )   ——



                                                                                                                                              The    unnameable


       which   the   dream      is  naming    ,  includes  you   , your    mysteries     ——  


( and , I  think  ,      the  mysteries  which    floated  you  up   ,   into   life  ) .   .



Years  of  writing   down   dreams    gives  them         extra     freedom ,   one  finds

,    to  play  among  themselves


as  on a  palette   , to  colour   on   canvas/es     ——   who   resonate  one  among    the other  , , , ,


These    dream  resources  ,   too ,           esp   as      we           look             

at  them   ,     

harvest  us    ——    in  part  , or  wholly    ——   infinite   


as      a  soul-state   ,  real  and  present  ,   is   in  our  world   an  unnameable  ———


Physics   supports    this .    The  gestalt        ,     


  the  phenomenal  experience   of  “ that  which  tries  to         slip away ” before  it is  described  ,

named  ,


           coming   into      one’s   awake  time  (   ≠  awake ”    being     a  relative   term ) , 

         real    , ie    essence /  strange   /   experience     itself        ;


   seal-wrapped      but   (  physics   supports  this    )    the   actual,     






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