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A discussion of essays on poetry of the 21st century: Ken Chen, Rachel Galvin, David Buuc.

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No 13 Contents

Forum on 21st century American Poetry:

Ken Chen, Against Loneliness 5
Rachel Galvin, Everything is Found in Translation 68
Piotr Gwiazda, A Translational Poetics 73
David Buuck, Making Poetry Ungovernable 102

Poems: Land and Law:

Forrest Gander 26
Kyle Booten 31
Brenda Hillman 33
Kristin Dykstra 36
Mark Anthony Cayanan 40
Douglas Piccinnini 44
Amy De’Ath 47
Shane Book 51
Eric Linsker 54
Jason Morphew 56
Brian Cochran 58
Oscar Oswald 65

Poems: The Hot Ash of an Opera:

Jared Daniel Fagen 80
Carlos Lara 83
Jenny Grassl 85
Justin Jannise 89
Echo Association 91
Will Hill 93
Mary Cisper 96
Paloma Yanakakis 98
Tom Prime 100

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Poems: Green Blizzard

Jane Miller 114
Lise Goett 118
Jeffrey Yang 121
Catherine Strisik 123
Geoff Anderson 124
Amanda Gunn 126
Terese Svoboda 127
Rose Hunter 133
Robert Ostrom 140
Rae Armantrout 144
Srikanth Reddy 147
Stephanie Strickland 153


Simon Hantai, Images 160
Cal Bedient on Hantaï 169
Sheila Hicks, Images 183
Emily Wilson on Hicks 190
John Roloff, Images, Ashwini Bhat, curator 195
Forrest Gander, poem 205

A Mei-mei Berssenbrugge Special:

Susan Barba, poem 210
David Lau on Berssenbrugge 214
Angela Hume, Interview 217
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, poem 232

Edward Dorn, a Porfolio edited by Matthew Cooperman:

Matthew Cooperman, essays 241, 256
Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, poem 244

Edward Dorn, Prolegomenon 246
Peter Michelson, essay 248
Patric k Pritchett, poem 251
Edward Dorn, Sampler 251

Daniel Eltringham, essay, poem 266
Dale Martin Smith, essay 280
Anne Waldman, essay 287


Andrew Joron, “Lunagrad: Ulla” 292

Double Features: Poems and Reviews of the Poets:

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram 304
Timothy Donnelly 308
Aditi Machado 314
Andrew Zawacki 323
Joyelle McSweeney 328

      Reviewed by
           Geoffrey G. O’Brien 305
           Andrew Joron 311
           Srikanth Reddy 325
           Cal Bedient 316, 334

Other Reviews

Rae Armantrout on Wagner 345
Brian Cochran on Moten 349
Lindsay Turner on Sharma 353
Robert von Hallberg on Reddy 356
Carlos Lara on Mongeau 359
Kenneth Lincoln on Diaz 363

From the Archives:

Ardengo Soffici 365

Submission period: January through March. Email the submission to Poems should be placed in one document and the poet's last name should be prominent in the title, to facilitate finding the document. Avoid PDFs, unless only a PDF will keep the layout in order.


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