Wood Nettle is green. Kentucky Bluegrass is green. My heart trembles, it is so green. Green eyes gaze without knowing hearts and forget that long grasses bloom. Spanish Moss is green and dust. Marijuana is green. We listen to the fields whose hush is on color. The Ragweed and the Clearweed and the False Nettle.



Floating Hearts are sometimes white. Bloodroot has white petals. Mayapples are dappled and white. I pick you. Diapensia, Pyxie and Goldthread are white. Enchanter’s Nightshade is a white flower of Circe. You do not blend. Little absences peak the clover, the White Clover and the Sweet White Clover.



I reflected with yellow buttercups into the land at noon. I have hung back and seen the yellow Trumpet and the Yellow Flag. I waited. The yellow Fringed Loosestrife hangs its pretty faces. I don’t find it strange. Beach Heath huddles in yellow. The Yellow Water Lily is a star on still water.



The Butterflyweed is orange. The Windroot is orange. Fluttering Monarchs love them. Monarchs with wet, orange wings love them. We, too, loved our patterns. The Wood Lily is orange and the Day Lily is orange. Their beauty can be recognized. The Climbing Bittersweet is orange and towering and ripe.



Prairie Smoke is brown and pink. Blue Cohosh is purple and brown. I braid the green grass or the brown Vernal Grass for no reason at all. My brown hair has never stopped growing. Sea Oats are brown, coastal feathers. Beechdrops are brown forest reeds. We call home. The loam is brown and speckled. Its touch is threaded and unfinished.



Red Fire Pink. Red Coralroot. Red like the Cardinal Flower is red. It interrupts first. Red lends its strong identity: it bleeds. Red Wild Poinsettias cross the shadow. Red my green heart. Red Hibiscus on its narrow stalk. Red Trumpet Honeysuckle red.



You are in the green grass and the tall grass. You sleep white Nightshade and clover. You awake like the lily on the pool. The sky sounds in the forgotten center. Orange with butterflies. How you win them. Unnamed flowers thread dry fields, and a wind gathers the coastal inward. The Seedbox, the Dense Blazing Star and the Spring Beauty.

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