Peel away the snowfall like pioneer women in Maine. We got stuck

in a tempest, in a painting of slow colonialism. Were the women

wearing gingham skirts? Tomorrow’s a color elegy for the departed ships

and shirtless mermaids sporting big bang-me eyes. Stay grounded.

Push the wind. The early morning flapped against the colonial house

like a forgotten-open storm door. We needed some screws.

Settle tomorrow’s broken-winged, symbolic bird. Find remnants

of vacated colonialism. You were already a settler. The insistent

painting pulled me out of bed. Tomorrow’s the wind. Get color,

slowly departing the trade ships in the painted storm. Color the porch,

the rain-warped chair anchored to it. Tomorrow’s an elegy

for insistent bangs. Screw the wind to the broken bird

carved from wood. You were already an errant ship in Maine.

You were already colonialism. You were already the vacated

Eastern seaboard. Tomorrow’s an elegy for gingham skirts.

Tomorrow’s a chair screwed to a wall. Push the grounded

early morning against the broken, bang-bang house. We got stuck

in a colonial village. Tomorrow’s an elegy for bedded settlers.

You were already screwing the morning. You were already

the snow’s insistent dinghy. Were the women wearing velvet skirts?

Color the gingham ships peeling the inconsistent wind.

Color the banged pioneer women crowning the eulogized seaboard.

Tomorrow’s an elegy for unmoored porches. Tomorrow’s ten pioneer

women in Maine banging a broken storm door. Color the big-

eyed ring of the anchor. Tomorrow’s two pointed flukes.

Push the broken tempest against the already departed ship.

Color the insistent women chain gray. Were the panting mermaids

azure and deep-sea fuchsia? Tomorrow’s the screwed wing

of a broken storm. We got stuck in an un-shirted, panting wind.

Tomorrow’s a sunken shank. Tomorrow’s a pioneer anchor

tanking remnant flaps of peeled women. Tomorrow’s a vacated skirt.

You were already a broken harpoon. You were already the anchor’s crown.

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