Immaterial labor. What is it

        really and the periphery. A system

                    is not a solution.

Also does transport create

          value where there was none

                      or is that just buying cheap

and selling dear. The next MIA

           will it be terrible again.

                   The next Robyn will it be

great again. Fall 2007 spring

          2005 we will never see

                    their like again. I’ll show you

a god damned panegyric.

           Why do things end

                   because teleology. The land will become

sea and so will be free

         sang the Dutch villeins. De Witte’s picture

                     of the world’s

oldest bourse 1602 Amsterdam

          is in Rotterdam do you not

                  see how this is a fucking

problem. Hi-Cube intermodal

       shipping containers used

                for shops Shoreditch also

homeless holding cells Elephant

            and Castle. Surplus population

                       and the arbitrage

of minor emotions. Hip-hop riots

         and the space of flows is one

                    talk I will never give

again. Straight hoodie and luxury

           goods chorus Gucci Gucci Louis

                      Louis Fendi Fendi

Nada. Some of our friends

          were dating Leninists and

                  that was weird. We should read

Vol. 2 again together srsly

          so boring but babies are

                   definitely Department III. Oh

And also? Reproductive labor. What is it

             really and wages for house

                       parties Oakland

I need an emoticon for lol

         and flinching with dread

                simultaneously. Why do things

seem to shudder

       because volatility. What if they figure out

                  how to hedge against

like everything. COINTELPRO

         tip: permanent counterrevolution

                   needs quants!

A possibility is not a program.

         Summary as of fiscal

                 fourth quarter 2013 Kreayshawn

is not coming back. Production

        is not coming back.

               Allan Sekula is not coming back.

Some big container ships are

          coming back some are

                  underwater. One standard

forty ft container equals two

         twenty ft equivalent units

                 or TEUs but so does one

Hi-Cube despite eight additional m3

          it’s not an exact science like

                    Max Martin. Just

a slab of unfigured air

        a kind of room to move. The desire

                   of a planetary civilization

three pct maybe three point five

           enough left over for

                  the aesthetic. Annualize that shit.

What if it’s just the cruel mercantile

           plus dubstep from here on out.

                      What if it’s just

if the rich win the living

      will envy the dead. Why do things keep on

                   because reasons

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