disarticulated symmetry of a new fallen 


finally we’ve a bay for snow to make stranger

you cannot shoo the fly out

you cannot draw up the latter

behold the world upside-down and shaken, made

to cry cold

commit a crime, and the earth is made of glass


and should we core fresh strawberries tonite

their principals beyond worn 

the milk spilled, the snow spoilt

out of a sweetness, too

commit a crime, and it’s as if a coat of snow

upends the innards


for the evening’s remainder one door is ajar

just you try 

try unfastening the base—rum from runner

you cannot recall the spoken word

unknot like a governor

what do you mean you can’t, of course you can’t






Standalone Corrected




Lookie hwaet

Queen in her dungarees

Someone drew the sails

Like a wave rigged sideways to

Designation row

Spilling something


Onto a screen

Net worth descendants

Whose tried to get her be for

I want to take it down a peg or two

Or three to trade 

Paperback dimensions


A welcome lozenge

Rumbles of plunder

One whose ticket was stubbed

In for the awkward gestures

A bottle of dawn

Ultra upside downs






penny ante yell



I charge my phones up the ridge


Once they meet the trenches

Make some small talk

There they’re introduced to the deserved



You can tell these people into anything

If it be finely crafted

Tho not

So expensive it jars a soldier’s sensibility

With a trusty bronze latch to



One finds sadness pleases tames

Yes we are

Where in that corner of the continent

Venus east of morning

Plus the star we’d most like to blank of


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