My hair is getting a free blow dry in the win



And great, am going to hear one from Bernadette  where she says

Let’s get back to our unpaid work as always.  With my pay    


I could buy you a drink and you would say  Thank you

For the drink has a glass border


So you can have another drink

But you can’t have another time.  The other 


Time is over aborter you can’t cross 

Yourself.  Wind eats water even when it’s cold. 


But wouldn’t snow get eaten then by air? It does.

I do much enjoy walking and along way 


I said a long way I like it in the sun and cold and

Walking arcs and divides time in a way appropriate to the size of my body. 


Though in order to dictate this   Data is passed up to satellite and

Instantly returned bioprocess inappropriate 


To the size of my body 

Or making nonsense of the idea that anything is 


Appropriate or inappropriate to the size of my body

It feels good to have the

Satellite bounce words   By a process

My friend dear friend was fucking me this morning so sweetly and I feared


In the middle of so sweetly gently that we were boring maybe

To be so gentle. But it’s not for me boy


I said not for me boring because it gels me to the interior soup 

As grease forms in the fridge on soup, you slowly gently 


Warm it so your spoon won’t break soft carapace

Melted. It is not because I slept with anyone else that 


I dictate I think to say this wrongly

To preserve cold Oxford for our ancient death. 


There is no reason for such cold in Oxford,

Oh hi, o the border of cunt lucky


Swayed by current juiced from glacier and 

Through the great lakes twisting a hoard of wind. Thank you.







But try to carve all thin? Nay, simply funds, & angrily*



All the guys pimpin my cake,

the esthetes pimpin me, and the shellflash aesthetic.

Many lissome thighs lifted.

Polis’s vasty panic!

Exit haeccity that designs agon.

Exit tide of sanity arid.

No charnel ax, no formulation.


Camping free for ta-da or two dollars 

or none; epifriend the Other.

Ten pantydemons, malevolent ropemen, 

always demon-assin’, epitome of ropemen.

Megalomaniac scuppers’ lap

eaten by high ape-sap diners.


The organ already pert old pinky.

Respect for troping blissfully.

OK polyvocal, and polyvulval


Americans say your tank’s full or no,

head inactivity, ho!

And any man genital,

call me like a poll, 

the anvil Dairy Queen,

a blank, in mall mufti. 

Then if very thin again, blank,

upsy like the hymen, upsy, lithe hymen.


So get it south of me, municipalities.

The theme’s aside or offsite.

OK pride, lend lone malice to the Ms., 


we want malice again, essay it?

One chooses the path, being a kisser.


Always maul ‘em.

A fried colloidal with old tomatoes diced.

Not really say goodbye.

I’m pro wastewater, saint gone all max

ahh, mmm, the Peril, umm, 

the Perils will in queue near. 


Yes, please sim the forms, my Zeus.

The sympathetic tech gods 

said the money taken on nonaesthetic grounds.

Old theology said oucher.


*Homooptical translation of the newly discovered poem by Sappho. 






Wood steel brick sheetrock


Trained to quadrant  Quadrants

Reign, manage space, rot in

Rain, bugs chew on them, my

Home spongy from carpenter ants who are

Tombed in turn when 

Rain floods their nest and out of 

Room up through my floor their corpses

Drown. A little

Doom shared among animals, my

Broom caressing ants near open window

Fame of sun, birds gossip in it, bright red

Male on treetop sings of happy larder

Town or brokedown

Dream of representing cheer or

Demon plan to organize the birds in

Formations inhuman.

Tone denotes the changes

Rung on denotative

Lines I mean to drape with a 

Drone mood that checks in with its

Roaming sensors 

Only once a second  Is surveillance

Tonal, is it structure

Bound? Lo, Ohio.









Securities are purchasable stays against loss


 Can lose value

   Very suddenly     But my

Insecurities    are not purchasable and

Protect my fears

Extremely beautiful test of money

Insecurity guards in riot gear 





I taught


 a racist, racist batch

       of shit

the beautiful canon


—How to bell the cat of honesty

before it kills the bigot bird?


—Come from another class

and try to make sure you fit.


Make eyes pay lit service. 

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