you were evaporating like a sound the faint scratch of rain on snow or inner life on latched screen door to be less misunderstood we barely spoke we clung to the other like rain like peach fuzzed earlobes in the hand of a cutthroat dreamer now i just wish we had talked more without the whole gymnasium watching like a string of words that dont mean what you thought they did can this coinciding




can this collided breath hold all still until i identify the hand of the ventriloquist and chop it off where were you while i lived trailing your eyes across the horizon like a caress when you said take good care of my mistakes i think i am losing my taste for timelight i know somewhere the headless horseman is still trying to thaw his hands over a frying pan of belt leather tea just like acute nostalgia for nowhere




deterioration blues like nothing like life obsidian night erases the geraniums idea of time an eye in each palm while a bulls eye between your ribcage the glovebox overflowing miasma tree piñata heart all we can hope for now is to be reminded of you like a sound that came too late through the mouth a rifle blast or the faint scratch of rain on snow in a self imposed strait jacket of the mind i wait here and




i strap on my homemade strait jacket of the mind and wait here like nothing like life i swap out the signs beside the river whistling skunk cabbage as the air is the slyest tit of honey in the mud from the knees on down wherever you are i know you’re lost too i found your tooth in the backseat of a borrowed station wagon and i buried it in my own dark hollow snuffed out stars return tonight




just put the sign on my tongue man its late i’ve been hacking myself down to size all day but it still dont fit i watched the water erase the field like it could of done it anytime of anyday believe me it aint just the wheelbarrows that are glazed around here you feel me like desperado aplomb like thoughts he had while the other mouth moved like seeing through the back of the head & just nodding at the lips 




because why was the answer in the bloom and strife latent ransack of symbiosis my favorite ventriloquist outfit whatever gaze you wore that day like a straight razor entering the river body scraped clean of love is ok it’ll find new furs dont stay too long away from the canebrake i’ll even wrap a car around a lightpole for you is this where you thought you were going through all those snow blind curves  




like thoughts i had while the other mouth moved like suddenly becoming unclung i better hurry up and finish this before spring erupts in a miasma of trembling rhizomes where a sign life steals in to ease the pain of plain living he always was bound to a radiator just say you’ll send us all snow from the interior & touch the match to years of stray eyelashes do you still feel like you will one day come to see 




do you still feel like we aint going nowhere and we aint never coming back isnt it funny beautiful and sad he shrugged and swallowed an apricot half that looked like the latent yolk of an egg like nothing like life an active place holder like cane brake you preceded me through the marram grass past my own dark hollow and into the sign language where you are inside me now like a secret reason to live  




and then i get the feeling that this has gone on long enough and i start to undo you as i am undone and i think that the world dont belong to itself and it is like nothing like us like a secret reason to live like a poultice of looking at rain on snow man i dont even know whose house this is man we cant go home like this because life is rich with obscurity i know you meant every word you never said

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